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Please read through our most common support questions. 

How to I program a schedule on my Programmable Yoga Thermostat?

For programming your Yoga Thermostat, please see the Operation Manual and refer to pp. 2-8

How do I set the clock on my Programmable Yoga Thermostat

Please see the Operation Manual and refer to pp. 2

How do I change from programmable to non-programmable and vice versa (Programable Yoga Thermostat)

Please refer to p.4 in the Installation Manual:*

You will need a small flathead screwdriver or coin to remove the “faceplate”. The switches are located on the backside of the “faceplate”.

My heaters seem to operate randomly?

Depending on which thermostat you have, you will most likely need to disable the Adaptive Recovery or Smart Home Recovery & Smart Home/Away functions.

For Adaptive Recovery (Programmable Yoga Thermostat):

1. Following the instructions at the top of p.8

2. Look for the symbol, OS 1. *If your thermostat reads OS 0, then the system is off. If it reads OS 1, proceed to Step 3

3. Using the arrow buttons, change the 1 to 0

4. Press Mode to exit the menu

For Smart Home Recovery/Smart Home/Away (Ecobee):

From the thermostat/app –

1. Press the Main Menu icon

2. Press Sensors

3. Press Disable

4. Navigate to Settings -> Preferences

5. Press Heating Smart Recovery

6. Press Disable

7. Exit Menu

From the online portal –

1. Press Sensors

2. Press Disable

3. Navigate to Settings -> Preferences

4. Press Heating Smart Recovery

5. Press Disable

6. Exit Menu

Why is the screen on my thermostat blank?

1. Check to be sure that the thermostat is properly affixed to the terminals.

2. If it is, then check that the thermostat is receiving power from the electrical panel.

3. If the thermostat is receiving power, 24 volts min., then the thermostat may not be working.

If your thermostat is still under warranty, contact us for replacement.


HG122 Yoga thermostat – 5 years

Ecobee – 3 years

Aube (manual or programmable) – 3 years

Mysa – 2 years

EConnect – 5 year warranty

My heaters won’t heat?

Your heater(s) aren’t working (not heating or not cooling) and you don’t know how to identify the issue, follow these easy steps to try and rule out the issue:

Check your thermostat:

  • Does it seem to have power?
  • Yes? Continue to Step 2
  • No? Check power to thermostat

Is the surface area hot/warm?:

  • Yes?
    • Check the programming on the thermostat – it could be set on manual mode rather than listening to the programmed schedule – make sure your thermostat is doing what you set it to do
    • Relay may be stuck in the open position
  • No?
    • Need to have an electrician test that the heaters are receiving power
    • Check that the relays are working properly (connection from the thermostat to the heaters (Grey plastic box approx. 5”sq.w/red indicator light on the top))
      • How to check the relays:
        • If the red indicator light is on, the relay is functioning. (*Note: Relay be stuck in the on position)

Electrician says the heaters are getting power?

  • Yes?
    • Refer to above section (Check the programming on the thermostat)
    • Test the resistance of the heaters (should be done by an electrician)
  • No?
    • Check the circuit at the electrical panel to ensure connection to heaters
    • Check all connections between electrical panel and heater

Checking the resistance of the heaters

  • Test the resistance using an Ohm meter with the heater disconnected from power
    • Report number to your Heating Green rep.
  • Ohm reading equals infinity or open
    • Heater element has likely failed
    • Discuss warranty options with your Heating Green rep.
My heaters don’t get hot enough?

First, turn the heaters on to full power and make sure they are let them run for 15 minutes, and while they are still heating use an infrared thermometer to test the surface temperature of the heater.

The maximum surface temperature of each heater should be as follows:

1. Cove heater – wall mount ~340F.

2. Cove heater – ceiling mount ~ 425F.

3. Ceramic Ceiling heater ~425F.

4. Ducoterra SolaRay heater ~175-200F.

Second, if the surface temperatures of your heaters more than 5% lower than what they should be, there may be a voltage issue. Have an electrician measure the voltage going to your heaters to ensure that it matches the voltage specificiation of the heaters.

I need to store my heaters, can they be laid flat, or do they need to be upright?

Ducoterra SolaRay heaters: It is best practice to lay the heaters on the long edge, preferrable againts the wall.

Cove, Ceramic Ceiling, Berko Go-Anywhere heaters can lay flat.

What size breakers should I use?

Common specification for residential applications is 14-2 wire on a 15 amp circuit @120 or 240 volts, and 12-2 wire on a 20 amp circuit at 120 or 240 volts.

Note: Work with a qualified electrician if you are unsure of the NEC and best practices to ensure safety and that your heaters will work properly.

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