Tribal Heating Projects

Since January of 2007, we have specialized in designing and specifying electric infrared radiant heating systems. Our radiant heating panels have been proven to be a great solution for tribal housing projects, such as large apartment complexes and new homes. Our low-cost, energy-efficient heating systems offer a range of benefits that are absent in traditional heaters. We would love to work with you on your projects so you and your tenants can experience sun-like warmth wherever there’s a heating need.


Please take a moment to view the video and timeline below, which highlight some of the work we’ve done with Washington’s Lummi Nation.



Lummi Housing Authority Project, Bellingham, WA

timeline with 2016 and 47 multi-units

Project References

– Pete Powless: Lummi Housing Authority Project Manager, [email protected], 360-927-3248
Douglas Landsem Architect AIA, 360-733-2466, [email protected]

Diana R. Phair: Lummi Housing Authority Executive Director, [email protected], 360-312-8407

Save Money

– Lower heating bills for homeowners & renters
– Zero maintenance costs
– Affordable up-front cost for products

Eliminate Maintenance

– Heaters take up no usable space
– Perfect for new construction and retrofit projects
– Requires no ducting

Boost Efficiency

– Heaters use less energy than conventional heating systems
– Low carbon footprint
– Minimal environmental impact

Enhance Comfort

– The renter or homeowner is able to heat only the rooms they are using
– Heaters produce sun-like-warmth
– Heaters do not blow hot, stuffy air or stir up dust allergens


"The panels free up wall space, which is at a premium, and are very efficient."

Doug Landsem - Architect   

"Heating Green has been on time, been on schedule and as far as I'm concerned as housing project manager, I'm very happy with this product."

Pete Powless - Lummi Housing Authority   

Features & Benefits

Heating Solutions for Any Space

Heater Illustration copy

[one_fifth padding=”0 5px 0 0″]1: Thermostat Individually control the temperature of each zone[/one_fifth][one_fifth]2: Baseboard A great way to update your old, inefficient electric baseboards[/one_fifth][one_fifth padding=”0 5px 0 0″]3: Cove Takes up no useable space, great for spaces with high ceilings.[/one_fifth][one_fifth]4: SolaRay Worlds thinnest heating panel. Low profile and can be painted, a great   DIY project.[/one_fifth][one_fifth_last]5: Infratech Extend your time outside and use your patio year-round[/one_fifth_last]

Popular Heaters

We offer a variety of heaters to work with different types of spaces. Our most popular heaters for tribal housing projects are our Ducoterra SolaRay and REH Cove heaters.

DucoterraHeating Panel


– Mounts flat against ceiling– Great for homes or apartments with drywall or wood ceilings– Takes up no usable space– 20 Year Warranty– Made in U.S.A


CoveHeating Panel


– Ceramic element reaches temperature quickly– Mounts directly to wall or ceiling, great for rooms with high, vaulted ceilings– Great for rooms with high, vaulted ceilings– 10 Year Warranty, Prorated After 5 Years– Made in U.S.A

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Thermostats & Controls:

Our thermostats offer the ability to heat a home room-by-room, conserving energy and saving the homeowner money. We offer both manual and programmable options to suit the needs of every user.

Programmable Thermostat



– Allows the user to program the heaters to turn on and off automatically– Proven to save energy– Works great with all our heaters– 40-86 degree Fahrenheit temperature range

Manual Thermostat



– User can manually control the temperature of each room or zone– Proven to save energy– Works great with all our heaters– 40-86 degree Fahrenheit temperature range


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