How to Perform an Ohm Test

  1. Remove the heater from power and remove from mounting to access the leads in the junction box on the back
  2. Use the multimeter in the correct range for resistance mode Ω, and attach the probes to the the black and white leads from the heater
  3. An OL (open loop) or Infinity reading qualifies for a warranty replacement element (or heater in some circumstances)
  4. Take a photo of the Ohm test reading on the multimeter with the black and white leads to pass along to Heating Green along with the warranty request for the element!

The Ohm test shows us how the element inside the heater is functioning. Elements that show an OL or open loop reading mean that the continuous circuit has been disrupted and replacing the element will make the heater work. Replacing the element instead of replacing the entire heater is similar to replacing the lightbulb instead of having to buy an entire lamp!

Ohm Test Steps Guide

Ohm testing

Warranty Request

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