Troubleshooting Guide

Downloadable Troubleshooting Guide
  • Use an Infrared thermometer that can reach up to 500° F and take the temperature reading ~10 minutes after turning on the heat, pointing the laser in the middle of the panel.
  • Due to fluctuating voltage, temperatures will vary. Please view the table below for reference.
  • Room temperature or significantly lower surface temperature readings will need to be followed up with an Ohm Test.
  • The relay(s) have an illuminated red light when the heaters are on and are dark when power is off.
  • If the red light is not illuminated when calling for heat, your relay will need to be replaced.
  • Linked here is our Ohm Test Steps which will walk you and your electrician through what we need in order to warranty the element of your heater!

Ohm Test Steps

  • OL or an Open Loop reading will qualify for a warranty replacement. This tells us that the continuous circuit on the element is “open” and cannot work, meaning replacing the element will make the heater work again.
  • The heater is similar to a lamp, and the element is the light bulb. When the Ohm test result is OL (open-loop) this means the light bulb/element is out. Replacing the element instead of replacing the entire heater is similar to replacing the lightbulb instead of having to buy an entire lamp!
  • Once we receive your warranty request, we will be in touch with an expected ship date.
  • If your heater(s) are reading “normal” ohm results, but are still not heating have your electrician check power & connections going into the transformer and thermostat.
  • Please review the environmental aspects of your space! Environmental factors often contribute to heat loss despite sufficient heat output.
  • Review these best practices to explain the role of these factors:
    • Insulation
    • Square footage of space
    • Aesthetics or unique features (concrete floors, windows, mirrors, high ceilings, etc.)
    • Target temperatures & warm-up times
Type of Infrared Heater Surface Temperature
1,500 Watt Cove Heater Wall Mounted : ~ 300° F - 350° F
Ceiling Mounted: ~ 350°F - 400°F
1,250 Watt In-Ceiling Heater Measures: ~ 400°F - 425°F
SolaRay Heater Measures: ~ 200°F - 250° F
Versa & ILO Heaters Measures: ~ 200°F - 250° F
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