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Our Most Popular Infrared Heaters for Yoga Studios

Ceramic Ceiling Panel Heater

Ceramic Ceiling Heater

Hang this heater from the ceiling or rest within a commercial 2×4′ drop ceiling.With up to 1250 watts, this heater packs a PUNCH.

Cove Heater

With a surface temperature of 400 degrees, rest-assured you can get your studio to that perfect temperature. Mount this heater either on the wall or ceiling. One of our most popular heaters for yoga studios!

Infratech CD-Series Deck and Patio Heater


These heaters can be used outdoor and indoor and mounted on the wall or ceiling. These heaters go up to 6000 watts.

Check Out What Actual Yoga Studio Owners Have to Say About Our Heaters

Jeff Caldwell, owner of Heating Green, checks out a couple of the yoga studios in Bellingham, WA where our infrared heating panels have been installed.

Space to heat

The best heater for your studio will ultimately depend on your space and budget.

Take Control of Your Space with Customizable Options

Wi-Fi enabled thermostats with up to 48 programs per day allows you to adjust temperature whenever, wherever. No more arriving at 5am to get the studio up to temp! Customized climate zones and controls can be utilized for different rooms.

No maintenance required, ever!

Heating Green’s yoga studio heaters have a 30-40 year lifespan and are designed and manufactured in the USA. The heaters have no visible light (far infrared) and don’t generate any noise — no moving parts (solid state). We offer versatile mounting options to fit your yoga studio!

We’ve heard great feedback on the heat. They feel the heat is warmer, more even and not as drying on their skin/the air doesn’t feel as dry. Most people also comment on how much more they are sweating – which they are very happy with!

Daniel McGatha

Facility Operations Manager, NIKE ATHLETIC CENTERS

We recently purchased the infrared panels for our yoga center. With these in our space, it is like practicing in the womb. As they heat the body and are quiet and soothing unlike the forced air system we have tried. Our students have wanted us to heat every class as they love practicing in the space so much more, and our heated classes are always full, which we love!

Dani Vani McGuire


We love Heating Green heaters for their performance (sound free and benefit-FULL), their design (sleek) and their always there-for-us customer service. We feel like we have a partnership with Heating Green and they are invested in the experience of our students, making them a part of the Lyons Den Power Yoga Family!

Bethany Lyons


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Special financing available from Full Circle Finance with terms from 24-60 months.  Heating Green will make sure you get what you need for your project.

Infrared Heating Benefits


Infrared radiant heat advantage is in heating the surface temperatures such as a floor temperature can feel 3-8 degrees warmer than the air temperature. This includes people; the direct warmth on people’s bodies can feel soothing and can help boost flexibility. Learn more.


Heating Green panel systems cycles up to 20% less than comparable systems. The average cost of $1.70 per hour to run a yoga studio based on about 1000 square feet.


Whether you’re opening a new studio or looking to enhance your existing studio, a Heating Green system provides an eco-friendly and stylish addition to enhance the ambiance and comfort.

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