SolaRay Infrared Heating Panel – ceiling mount – 200-1000 watts


A low-profile solution for heating any room, especially if wall or floor space is limited!

Great for bonus rooms and basements where ductwork would take up usable space.

  • Ceiling mount
  • Use with traditional or Wi-Fi controls
  • Steel/aluminum construction
  • Can be hardwired or wired with a plug-in cord
  • World’s thinnest @ 1/2″ / 1.27 cm
  • 22.5″ wide x 24, 36, 48, and 72″ lengths
  • 200 to 1000 watts
  • ETL Certified – US and Canada
  • CE Certified
  • Save 30-50% on energy costs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA

How much heat do I need?

  • Supplemental: 3 – 5 watts/sq.ft.
  • Primary: 6 – 8 watts/sq.ft.
  • Yoga Studio: 15 – 30 watts/sq.ft.

Mysa Thermostat - Wi-Fi - Line Voltage

  • High / Line Voltage Compatible: Works with Electric Infrared Heaters
  • Android and iOS App, no Additional Hardware Needed
  • Easy Scheduling, Vacation Mode
  • Energy Usage Reports
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and IFTTT

Mysa is the premiere smart thermostat for high voltage/line voltage home heating, saving up to 30% on your electric heat bills!

What makes the SolaRay special?pryogel solaray insulation

The SolaRay heater contains a layer of one of the most efficient insulations in the world called “Pyrogel”. This space-age material combines Aerogel with reinforced fibers. This is what makes the SolaRay the world’s thinnest infrared heating panel and one of the most efficient. All the of the heat is transferred where it needs to be… warming you and your room.

The SolaRay makes no noise, emits no VOC, and has a lifetime warranty. It will seamlessly blend into any room and can easily be painted to match your interior.

How much heat do I need?

  • Supplemental heat source: 3 – 5 watts/sq.ft.
  • Primary: 6 – 8 watts/sq.ft.
  • Yoga Studio: 15 – 30 watts/sq.ft.

Features & Benefits:

  • 1/2″ “thin”, the lowest profile in the industry
  • Energy savings of 20-50% over traditional heating systems
  • Now 50% – 60% lighter than the previous-generation panel
  • Mounts flat against ceiling or can be suspended
  • Maximum surface temperature: 225° F/107C
  • UL/ETL (Approved for the US and Canada)
  • Far infrared spectrum (FIR) heater
  • Pays for itself in energy savings and requires no maintenance
  • Hard wired 120 or 240 volts. NOTE: Does not plug into a 120-volt electrical outlet.
  • Controlled with hard-wired, wall-mounted line voltage thermostat
  • Available in powder coated white and can be painted with acrylic interior paint
  • Designed and manufactured in Washington state
  • Intertek ETL for US and Canadian certified
  • Additional voltages available. Please contact us
  • Lifetime warranty, the longest in the industry
  • Made in the USA


SolaRay Heating Panel Specifications:

NOTE: Specifications are shown at 240 volts, also available at 120 and 208 volts.

Size Watts Amps BTUs
22.5"x22.5" 200 0.8 682
22.5"x22.5" 250 1.0 853
22.5"x36" 300 1.3 1,024
22.5"x36" 375 1.6 1,280
22.5"x48" 400 1.7 1,365
22.5"x48" 500 2.1 1,706
22.5"x72" 600 2.5 2,048
22.5"x72" 750 3.1 2,560
22.5"x72" 1,000 4.2 3,413


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Technical Support

SolaRay heater FAQ's - try these before contacting our manufacturer or Heating Green.

For any technical or troubleshooting issue that you and your contractor may find with the SolaRay heaters, please reach out to our manufacturer below.  They are an excellent resource to help you resolve things quickly.

Please have your original invoice or if you can reference the model number (watts and voltage) on the back of the heater, that will greatly help them to help you. Please tell them that you purchased your heaters through Heating Green.






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