Installation & Start-up Guide

1. Installing the infrared system in your studio:

Wiring diagrams:

Ecobee Wiring Diagrams

Programmable Yoga Thermostat

Relays: Each relay should have its own dedicated circuit and control a group of heaters

  • The total amperage of the panels (wattage/volts= amps) should not exceed 80% of the amperage of the relays (ex: 30 amp relays should not exceed 24 amps in regards to the number of heaters)
  • We recommend placing relays in an accessible area such as near the electrical panel

Infrared Yoga Installation Guide

2. Adjusting your Ecobee Thermostat
  • Increase temperature range and disable Smart Home Recovery 
    1. Select Main Menu > Settings > Preferences
    2. Select Max Temperature Range, Increase & save
    3. Go Back to Preferences.
    4. Select Heating Smart Recovery or Cooling Smart Recovery
    5. Touch Enable or Disable
  • Programming Tutorial
  • If you program your Ecobee with a schedule, be aware that manual changes to the thermostat override scheduled settings and heat will likely not resume
3. Set your thermostat to your desired temperature & wait!
  • We recommend giving your heaters 1.5 hours to warm-up at first, but some studios may need more or less time depending mostly on climate/season, and insulation
  • Visit our Infrared Yoga Best Practices for more information on these topics!
4. Use your warm-up time to schedule for classes, and remember keeping the heaters on during class is the best way to get the full effects of the infrared heat!

Review these resources to get the most out of your infrared heating system and enjoy the heat!