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How much heat do I need?

  • Supplemental: 3 – 5 watts/sq.ft.
  • Primary: 6 – 8 watts/sq.ft.
  • Yoga Studio: 15 – 30 watts/sq.ft.

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Features and Benefits:

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1) Our selection of thermostats allows you to heat only the rooms that are in use, which cuts your energy usage and saves you money.

2) Heaters mount on the wall, taking up no usable space so furniture can be placed against the walls, etc.

3) Great for rooms with high ceilings.


Compare to Competing Brand

Our 585-watt cove heater provides a 52 percent radiant heat output advantage compared to the competing brand 600-watt cove heater, which has a similar efficiency of a traditional baseboard heater.  This results in greater comfort using less energy!

Heating Green – REH – 585-watt cove heater with CeramiCircuit™ Technology

 A competitor’s 600-watt cove heater with a Calrod heating element

Are all cove heaters created equally?  The style of many of the other cove heaters on the market all uses the same type of heating element and emitter. The heating element is often a long thin tube, that basically has the type of wire that heats up in your toaster, embedded in a metallic tube. There is an aluminum emitter (the front of the cove heater you see), and it has a notch in the back where that tube sits. Only the tube gets hot, and the heat disperses from there. This gives you a hot spot where the tube is and it gets cooler as you move further out from the tube. These heaters in similar wattages as our cove heaters often take up significantly more wall space (E.g. The Intertek 1000W cove heater from takes up 8 feet of wall space and the 1250W heater takes up 10 ft. Whereas, compared to our REH 1000W and 1500W cove heaters that each only take up 4 ft of wall space. Our cove heaters elements are a circuit that directly covers the surface area of the backside of the element, so the whole surface heats up, not just the strip in the middle. The radiant output is a function of surface temp over the surface area, meaning that the more surface area you have hot, the more radiant output compared to convective for the same amount of power input. In short, our cove heaters operate more efficiently and produce better heat output.

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Additional information


33"x 7" x 1.125"/ 585 watts, 46" x 7 x 1.125" / 825 watts, 46" x 10" x 1.125" / 1000 watts, 46" x 15" x 1.125" / 1500 watts


120, 208, 240

6' cord (120 volt only)



Ceiling / $15, Wall / $0


White, Beige, Black


Cove Heater Specifications:

NOTE: Specifications shown at 240 volt, also available at 120, 208, and 277 volts.



How radiant heat works
Heating panels add sun-like warmth… read more

heating panels
Compare: radiant heating


Note on insulation:

It’s important to note that any heating system will preform best when used in a properly insulated space. To learn more about how to insulate and calculate how much you could save by upgrading your insulation click the button below.


7 reviews for Cove Heater

  1. Jeff Caldwell


    Thank you for the feedback and our apologies with regard to the delay in getting back to you. More than likely this is a grounding issue, so please check with your electrician to find out if the circuit is properly grounded.

  2. Jeff Caldwell

    Hello, Neil, no the heaters are meant to be installed on the wall or ceiling. Please fill out the free quote form on our yoga page.

  3. Neil

    Would they work well if you placed them on the floor of a yoga studio?

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  4. Kate

    Put these in our second yoga studio location and it got us up to 110 without HVAC heat. Wow!

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  5. James Loucky

    The 200 sq ft studio, with slab beneath a carpet, used to be the coldest room in the house; the radiant heat of the cove heater works wonders, making it the warmest room now. I find keeping it at a low temperature keeps the room comfortable, and adjusting changes the ambience within minutes.

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  6. catherine burke

    We installed three heaters. One in our home and two in minimally insulated cabins. They work ok. Basically, the infrared part is questionable, they seem to work mostly as radiant heaters. But they are not that effective for how much they cost. To really warm any space – they are on almost all the time and our electric bill was gone through the roof. Not sure if we would buy another one.

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  7. Tom Abel

    So far so good. I installed 4 units in a 500sqft log cabin in MN. At first I had no ceiling/roof insulation and there are places where you could see to the outside. On the coldest week in winter (-20f) it was outside temp+50 indoors, which didn’t quite cut it, but I insulated the ceiling and it keeps much better temps now. Next I need to replace the 100 year old wood windows! Ha! I believe all will be working fine at a reasonable cost soon!

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  8. Kate

    I have HVAC heat in my yoga studio and was never able to get up to the temperatures I needed. After years of considering the cove heaters as a supplement, I finally pulled the plug and now can’t believe I waited so long! The heaters are powerful, stylish and easy to program and install. I am so happy with the cove heaters and will be using them on future projects. Thank you Jeff and the Heating Green team for your patience and support!

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  9. Mitch Stauffer

    We put two of these in our three season room and they work great (actually, they work so well it is now a four season room). They create a very cozy “warm” that feels almost like sitting in sunshine.

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