Radiant Infrared Heating Panels

Our radiant heating panels are safer and healthier than traditional forms of heat, as they do not rely on fossil fuels, blow dust or allergens, or make noise. They also do not need filters, fuels, ducts or pumps that require seasonal cleaning and maintenance.

  • ILO – Infrared Plug-In Heating Panel

  • world's thinnest infrared heating panel

    SolaRay Infrared Radiant Panel Heater

  • Side profile of the Ducoterra SolaRay-D Infrared heating panel

    SolaRay-D Infrared Radiant Panel Heater for Drop Ceilings

  • VERSA On/Off Infrared Heater

  • VERSA Smart Infrared Heater

  • Cove Heater

  • Ceramic Ceiling Panel Heater

    Ceramic Ceiling Heater

  • Under desk heater

    Under Desk Heater – your desks best friend…

  • VERSA infrared heater towel brackets for 16" and 24" heaters

    VERSA Towel Brackets


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