Heating Green – programmable yoga thermostat – low voltage


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Heating Green - remote sensor for yoga thermostat

Compatible with our yoga thermostat

Allows for a more accurate ambient temperature reading of the room

Power Relay - 20 Amp DPDT, 24 Vac/dc Coil, Hi/Lo Voltage Separation, NEMA 1 Housing

  • Intended to be used with our low voltage Yoga Thermostat and Ecobee thermostats


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A great choice for yoga studios due to its ability to reach high temperatures! It features a large, easy-to-see display, making adjusting settings a breeze. The programmable functionality allows you to heat the room only when you need to, saving you money on your utility bill.

  • 32-122 Degrees Fahrenheit temperature range (0-50 Degrees Celcius)
  • Programmable up to two heat and two cool programs per day
  • Can be used in a manual mode as well
  • Back-Lit Digital Display
  • Push Button Controls
  • 5-year warranty

NOTE: If your thermostat is displaying ROC or RECO on the screen:

  • The thermostat is going into Adaptive Recovery. This gauges how long it takes to get the space to the desired temperature and programs the thermostat to come on early so your space reaches the desired temperature at the scheduled time. If you would like to turn it off, it is option “OS” in the installer options. It is also in the installation manual.
  • ADVANCED INSTALLATION SETTINGS: To enter the Advanced Installer Settings menu, push the O/RIDE button once, release for a second, then hold it down for 15 seconds until the LCD displays which is the first menu item. You can move forward or backward through the menu by pressing the O/RIDE or PROG buttons. Use the (UP ) ( DOWN) arrows/buttons to change OS setting from 1 to 0.

For your thermostat to work correctly with your panels you will need a combination of transformers and relays.

  • You will need:
    • One transformer for every thermostat
    • One relay for every 20 amp circuit in your electrical panel used for heating

Programmable Yoga Thermostat Specifications

Storage Temperature-4° to 150° F

Stages/Equipment Up to 3H/2C conventional and heat pump systems
Dimensions 4.38″ x 4.00″ x 0.88″ (WHD)
Display Size 5.2 in2
Input Voltage 24VAC
Operating Temperature 32° to 150° F
Operating Humidity 0% to 95%, non-condensing
Temperature Sensors 1 indoor (T-32-S1 or T-32-S2) and/or 1 outdoor (T-32-OTS)
Short Cycle Protection 4 minutes or OFF
Control Range 41° to 122° F