Shipping and Lead Times

When will my order arrive?

Our average lead time for delivery is two weeks, and is often less than that for stock items. If you’re ordering products with uncommon voltage (i.e. 277) it can take three weeks or longer in some cases.

Where is my tracking number?

After your order has shipped you will be contacted by email with a tracking number and information on which carrier is shipping your order. In most cases, two different tracking numbers will be provided. One for controls/thermostats, and one for heaters.

When will my custom order arrive?

Any custom finishes or sizes that are requested can have a 4-6 week lead times depending on what product it is.

What causes delays? 

As we work with common carriers (UPS and FEDEX) there can be times when shipping is affected by storms, unexpected weather or traffic.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide. We’ve shipped across North America and can provide custom shipping quotes for countries outside of the United States.


togglesThe customer is responsible for the installation of the heating products and must comply with any permitting that may be necessary. Heating Green is not responsible for any installation-related costs. It is strongly advised that the customer coordinates the work with a licensed professional electrical contractor, and follow the installation instructions from the particular manufacturer of each product. It is also recommended to schedule and plan an installation day after the order is received or at least after tracking information is available, as unexpected events or inclement weather may occur.

PLEASE NOTE: Verify your voltage before you order with a qualified electrician, etc. Once products are installed or turned on, they cannot be returned.

Quote Accuracy

At Heating Green, our goal is to provide the best heaters for any heating need. And when we get good information from our customers, the better we can meet their heating needs.

Whether orders are made from our e-commerce site or over the phone, we will do our best to make the best recommendations. We do rely on our customers to provide information about the space, i.e. room, home, or yoga studio.

We ask customers to include the following information that will affect the performance of heaters:

  • Geographical area
  • Wall type
  • Ceiling height
  • R-values of insulation
  • Window type and sizes
  • Extreme seasonal weather
  • Customer expectations
  • Fast warm-up time
  • Target temperature, i.e. 105F
When in doubt, it is a great idea to order the next heater size up if there are any unknown variables (i.e. R-values of insulation).
For any questions we can be reached at (360) 715-4328. We appreciate our customers and thank you for your business!


Warranty and Returns

Due to the time and complexity involved in custom orders we can not offer complete refunds. We can provide credit for future orders. If you are concerned about this please ask us about it. Our primary concern is with your satisfaction.

Heating Green will honor all warranties that fall within the respective manufacturer guidelines.

Heating Green will replace any product that is damaged in shipping or not working properly as long as it is in the warranty period, which varies from product to product. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for any return shipping and return items in the original package. A restocking fee of 20% or more will apply, and is subject to the discretion of Heating Green on a case-by-case basis. Any item installed that is the wrong voltage cannot be returned, please verify voltage before ordering. Unopened product in its original packaging ordered from the website can be returned within 90 days unless part of a consultation. Please contact us with any concerns before ordering.