A question that we’re frequently asked is whether our infrared heating systems can be used as the primary (only) heat source for a home. The answer is yes, they are intended to be used as primary heat, and below are three reasons why they work well for this purpose:

1. Our infrared heaters heat objects as the primary effect. Objects retain heat better than air, and for this reason the heat retention is always higher when using an infrared (radiant) system. As a matter of fact, we’ve used them in over 1,300 hot yoga studios to reach temperatures up to 110 degrees, even when the outside temperature is sub zero! Below is a map showing some of the commercially available locations that use our systems if you’d like to visit any in your area:
2. All of the components in our infrared heaters are solid-state. This means that there are zero moving parts, and that the heater will work at 99% efficiency regardless of the outside temperature. In other words, the heater doesn’t care if it’s -40 degrees outside or 40 degrees outside, it’s efficiency and output is static. For this reason they are a popular choice in climates where other heating systems with moving parts will not perform.
3. The physiological effect of infrared always adds a few degrees on top of air temperature. It’s analogous to standing outside in the sun, or sitting next to a fireplace. You feel the warmth emanating from the source, and this will make you feel warmer than the air temperature reads. For this reason, infrared is often described as a more comfortable form of heat, especially compared to forced air systems which just blow hot dry air through a room.
The main difference between heating a home in a colder climate versus a warmer climate is that it takes relatively higher wattage per square foot of space. In other words, with all other factors being equal, it takes roughly 2x the amount of infrared panels to heat a home in a very cold climate (eg. interior Canada or Alaska) versus a warmer climate like southern California.
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