Infrared Heating Videos

Heating Green’s projects are diverse. From Yoga Studios, to Garages, Residential, Commercial, Float rooms, and beyond.. we’ve heated just about everything. Our extremely efficient cove, solaray, and infratech outdoor heaters provide the sun-like warmth you need to create cozy living spaces without noise, dust, or maintenance.

We’ve put together a few videos to showcase some of our projects and we’ve posted a few of them here for you. For more videos from Heating Green please check out our YouTube page. To let us know about your project and how we might be able to help please contact us.

Converting a house to infrared heaters

Cove heaters create cozy spaces

Hot Yoga on Kauai 

The super thin SolaRay II

Reclaim usable space with heating panels

Ultimate Garage Heating Project

For videos on how to program your Ecobee smart thermostat check out our Ecobee FAQ page

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