Heat Efficiently with Infrared Radiant Heating.

Add silent, sun-like warmth to your workshop, garage, or wood shop.

There are lots of factors involved when looking to heat your shop? Is there a lot of dust? Allergens? Will you be spray painting or working with fumes? There are also a LOT of heating options on the market. Some are noisy, some blow fumes and dust around, others will just heat a small part of your shop or just the vaulted ceiling. Our radiant heating options for work and wood shop heating will provide the best possible shop heating experience. No noise, no dust, and no maintenance. Our SolaRay heaters have a lifetime warranty and you can expect ALL of our heaters to last for many many years without issue (they have no moving parts to break). A frequent comment we hear from our customers is how they love that they actually heat their tools (instead of just heating their feet or ceiling.

We’ve recently creating a number of Garage and Workshop heating packages to help make the decision process easier. It’s hard to know just what heaters and thermostats you need so we’ve done the hard part for you. Or, feel free to reach out and we’ll be a garage heating expert in touch with you to help plan your project.


*We recommend having a dust collection system, like Steve has, when using Infratech heaters*

Infrared Heating Options:

Tap in our 14+ years for shop heating expertise. We are happy to provide free advice.