Benefits of Using Infrared Radiant Heating

Enjoy the health benefits of hot yoga (or just warm yoga) from the comfort of your own home. Our silent radiant heating panels are used in over a thousand yoga studios across the globe.. and can be used in yours. Low operating costs, no maintenance, no blown around dust.. our silent panels will keep you warm and safe from allergens. Bring the sun indoors and namaste warm.

Save Money

  • Zone controlled heating, or room by room heating eliminates wasted heat
  • Expected lifespan of 30-40 years
  • Warranties of 5-20 years

Eliminate Maintenance

  • Solid-state heaters eliminates the need for maintenance
  • No filters to change seasonally
  • Requires no ducting or gas lines

Boost Efficiency

  • Infrared products heat people and objects directly, preventing the loss of comfort in rooms, especially with high ceilings
  • Infrared products have shown to be 20-50% more efficient than conventional heating systems

Enhance Comfort

  • Provides sun-like warmth, warming people and objects
  • No floor space is taken up
  • No blowing stuff air or stirred dust and allergens
  • No noise

Get exactly what you need for your space from an expert.