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Throughout the years we have had the privilege of working with hundreds of yoga studios that have helped shape our business and become a part of our story.

We want to give back to the yoga community and open up the floor for studios to share their stories with us. To do this we’ve launched a Yoga Studio Spotlight section on our blog. We will select a yoga studio we have worked with and invite the owners to share their story.

If you’re interested in having your studio featured please email [email protected]

Today, we are excited to present the first international studio featured on our Yoga Studio Spotlight. Huge thank you to Adali Parks of Cabo Hot Yoga in Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico.

  • Tell us a little about your background in yoga. When did you start and how did you progress to where you are now? I began my practice in 1998 as a student of Bikram with a US teacher who had come to live in Los Cabos. She inspired me and awoke a passion for the practice that surprised me. I went on to become a certified instructor after attending the White Lotus Foundation teacher training programs with Ganga White in 2002. For the next several years I taught locals and tourists at several area hotels and resorts, which i greatly enjoyed. I took a step back for a few years to pursue other interests but recently had a reawakening which has brought me full circle.
  • What do you enjoy most about yoga? The way that it makes me feel both physically and spiritually. It helps balance me and keep me centered. I feel amazing after a good session.
  • What inspired you to start a yoga studio? My husband and I took a hot yoga class while visiting our niece in Scottsdale, AZ last November. It was an aha moment for both of us. We so enjoyed the class that we couldn’t stop talking about it on the plane ride home. Slowly but persistently the vision of opening a similar type studio for the benefit of our community unfolded and we began to discuss it seriously. Within two months we had a plan and a location and we took the plunge.
  • What do you think makes for a good yoga session A well-delivered session with love and compassion and great communication can make a life changing difference to each and every student.
  • Your studio obviously offers hot yoga. What are some of the benefits to practicing yoga in a hot environment? The heat helps makes muscles more pliable and responsive and the detoxifying sweat is an amazing bonus!
  • What advice would you give to perspective students who are on the fence about trying yoga or making the switch to hot yoga? To open your mind and focus on the practice more than the heat. Soon you will see and feel the difference in your performance and the high that the sweat brings after the session.
  • What are some characteristics you look for in a studio? For me it has to be a neat and clean yoga studio as well as odorless and spacious. And the colors are important when creating an inviting and soothing environment.
  • How did you go about designing your space We were very excited about the design. I spent many hours on the internet looking at pictures and webpages of other yoga studios and after collecting many photos, colors and textures a vision of how i wanted my studio to look and feel came together. A local architect the helped make our vision a reality.
  • What were some of the biggest challenges you faced with your studio? How did you overcome them? The flooring. For a hot yoga practice we have to think about the best and most practical flooring for the wet floor after a session, something that we can clean easily and keep clean without any odor. The original wood looked beautiful and gave a nice feeling to the studio but the humidity and sweat will ruin it after a few years. So we came across P.E.M. Flooring which is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, which our students love!
  • What has been the most rewarding part about the experience? Seeing how quickly the community has embraced both us and the concept of a heated studio in the tropics (which we were concerned about) and seeing how students respond to each session and how they continue to share their joy with others, which is the obvious key to our continued growth.
  • What are your goals for the future of the studio? We would love to get to a point where more classes are needed in response to demand and position ourselves to offer more variety and attract more specialized workshops.
  • Is there anything else you would like to share? We love the panels and are so glad we made the investment!
  • For more information on Cabo Hot Yoga, please visit them online or contact them at:
    Cabo Hot Yoga
    Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico 23455
    Ph. 52(624)104 3383
    Facebook: Cabo Hot Yoga