20150830_122758 (1)As long as Christy Erickson can remember she has collected vintage pieces.

But in May 2014, Erickson turned her vintage collecting into a small business. Already running a landscape design business in Seattle, Erickson opened Hedgerow, a vintage pop-up store, when the opportunity appeared.

“Once I got in the space I fell in love with it and decided to purchase the building and opened permanently; Couldn’t be happier,” Erickson said.

Needing to replace the wood stove, Erickson picked infrared cove heaters from Heating Green.

“I wanted a clean efficient heat for the shop,” Erickson said. “I needed consistent heat while I wasn’t there. Plus I gained square footage being able to hang the heaters.”

The style of the store isn’t affected by the heaters. They look great, Erickson said.



“I get asked all the time what I am using for heat as the shop feels so nice. I always recommend Heating Green.”

Still doing some garden design, Erickson plans on transitioning all her attention to Hedgerow.  

Though small in size Hedgerow offers dynamic features :

  • An ever-changing inventory
  • Mix of vintage and new pieces
  • Clothing and jewelry
  • Home accessories
  • Perfume and more

“I obsessively rearrange the shop so each time you visit there is a different focus,” Erickson said.

To learn more visit Hedgerow online or to shop visit at:

5787 Cains Court

Edison, WA 98232