UVC for Yoga Studios: Virus Fighting Solutions

Provide a safe and clean environment for your students as you reopen.

Since the start of the Corona virus outbreak, Heating Green has been looking for ways to be a part of the solution. Well, we’ve found it. As it turns out, UV-C light is a powerful weapon against viruses, bacteria, and mold. We’ve been busy working with our partners in this industry to develop the perfect solution for our 1,000+ yoga studios we’ve supported over the years.

UV-C has been used successfully for over 100 years to sanitize surgical tools, produce clean drinking water, and now make public places safe again. We are helping to take this proven technology to your studio.

For more information about how UVC works click here.

A History of Wavelengths

As you can see from the diagram below, all wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum have become commercialized and are used every day. For over 14 years, we have specialized in infrared waves by providing our customers with high-end infrared heating panels. Now we want add to our repertoire of wavelengths and do the same with UV.

Organizations that recommend the use of UVC 

  • CDC Center of Disease Control and prevention
  • IUVA International Ultraviolet agency
  • WHO World Health Organization
  • EPA Environmental Protection agency
  • ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating to Air-Conditioning Engineers

UVC is used across the globe for mass transit, medical facilities, military based, subway systems and more. We envision UVC being a staple in yoga studios everywhere. That is why we are working hard to put together the most efficient, and cost effective solutions for our clients. 


  • Provide cleaner safer environment for your clients and staff
  • Save time and money buy using less cleaning products
  • Better for the environment (less cleaning chemicals)
  • Safe, UV-C does not penetrate clothing or skin, while it’s good to avoid exposure is only a mild irritant. 

A UVC solution will easily pay for itself by providing peace of mind as you reopen and will help prevent further spreads of disease. You’ll be able to confidently tell your classes that your facility is protected by the power of the sun.

Portable Surface and Air Purifier

  • Can be easily moved from room to room
  • Purifies surfaces and air
  • Silent fan can be used when people are in the room to purify the air

Hardwired Surface and Air Purifier for Suspended Ceilings

  • Designed to be recessed into a ceiling
  • Works with suspended ceilings
  • Purifies surfaces and air

Hardwired Surface and Air Purifier for Fixed or Solid Ceilings

  • Perfect for beams for solid ceilings
  • Purifies surfaces and air

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