When people feel infrared radiant heat for the first time they typically notice something is different. The gentle warmth emitted by our heaters has a signature feel, similar to standing in the sun on a warm summer day. It doesn’t have the harsh, stuffy feel of forced-air heat and is really in a class of its own. Infrared radiant heat, of course, has a variety of applications from residential spaces, to restaurants, to hot yoga studios.

Over the years, we have found that our yoga studio customers and their clients have taken a strong liking to the heat. We recently provided the heaters for Hot Yoga Burlington, which is proud to be Vermont’s first yoga studio heating by infrared radiant heating panels!

Here’s what the owner, Bill, had to say:

When I first flipped the switch we all stood around and looked at each other…???...
Then we started to feel it, lightly at first, then gradually more fully. It wasn’t until I took the first class last night that I ‘got it’. It’s really different. I wrote an email to all the class participants asking for their thoughts and I have only received very positive reviews.
I will spend the weekend getting the hang of how it works in relation to the existing heat and supplied humidity. I’ll let you know.
Thanks for hanging in with me,

Bill - Owner at Hot Yoga Burlington   

As always, we would like to thank Bill for choosing Heating Green and congratulate him on breaking the forced-air cycle (pun intended) and opening Vermont’s first far infrared yoga studio!