Project: El Take It Easy – San Diego, California

So you have heard the old saying, “good news travels fast”, and did it ever.  El Take It Easy owner, Jay Porter, was visiting his friends Eileen and Phil Gregory of La Villa Del Ville, located on the Baja of California, and noticed just how warm and cozy it was.  Well, a few days later Jay contacted Heating and he had three Infratech heaters installed.

Here’s what Jay had to say about the results:
“We have gotten great results (financial and otherwise) with the heaters.  We don’t have any barrier between us and outside, and we had a hard time getting guests to stay on cold nites.  Now they’re warm and cozy under the heaters even when it’s blustery, even though the restaurant is open to the wind and cold.

Please note:  Jay is also the owner of  The Linkery, also located in San Diego, CA.  If you are in the area, stop in and enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere, and great food!