Infrared Installation - Installing solaray infrared heating panelsOne of the most commonly asked questions I’m asked is regarding the installation process of our infrared heating systems. For a business or homeowner we understand that this process can seem a bit daunting, and we want to make it as simple as possible. Below are the 5 most frequently asked questions on installation.

1. Who installs the infrared heating system? Any qualified local electrician can install the infrared system. Fortunately, the electrical connections are the exact same as non-infrared heaters! The wiring is very similar to how a contractor/electrician would install canned lighting or similar electrical fixtures that go on your wall or ceiling. All of the hardware is straightforward to install and there is nothing proprietary involved. Basic tools/hardware and an understanding of electrical is what is needed. We have many DIY customers who have installed systems themselves. We are always here as a resource if you have questions!
2. Who do you recommend to install? As an international supplier of the hardware for infrared systems, we do not have contact information for electricians who we can recommend specifically in your area. We do not request or retain the contact information for our previous customers electricians. To confirm, any qualified electrician can install the infrared heaters. In our experience Google Reviews is an excellent resource to find customer based reviews of electricians/contractors, and we recommend researching companies in your area who can provide a bid for installation. There are also online companies such as Angie’s List or HomeAdvisors who provide recommendations for electricians, however be aware that the electricians pay these companies to receive your contact information, so it’s not strictly customer review based.
3. What if the electrician is not familiar with your product? Have them give us a call! Usually a 5 minute conversation is all it takes to clear up any questions. Installation is very similar to installing wall heaters, baseboards, saunas, hot tubs, and other electrical appliances. We have the spec sheets, installation information, and wiring diagrams. We also have a dedicated Support Department who can help with any installation questions onsite.
4. What is the installation cost? This is best determined by the electrician onsite who can give you a bid for the installation. Every building is different and some installations are easier than others. Rates for electricians also vary considerably based on geographic area. We cannot opine on specific installation costs for this reason. Installing the heaters is the easy part, the hardest part of most jobs is getting the wiring to the spot(s) in the wall/ceiling where the heaters are to be installed. We recommend getting a few installation bids from different electricians in order to determine what is most cost effective. We also do have plug-in and DIY solutions if a hardwired installation is cost prohibitive.
5. What is provided by Heating Green and what is provided by the electrician? Heating Green provides you with all of the hardware needed for installation, including the heaters, thermostats, and other connecting pieces if applicable (relays, transformers, timers, etc.). The electrician provides the electrical wire, wire nuts, and any related pieces that “connect the dots” onsite between the heaters, controls, and your electrical panel. If there’s any question on who provides what for your job, please let us know and we can explain further.
If you have any additional questions regarding the process for installation please let us know and we’re here as a resource to help!
Written by: Jeff Abel, VP of Sales, Heating Green