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Our eco-friendly radiant heating systems will impress your clients and have minimal impact on your budget,
which lets you allocate more dollars to other design elements.

At Heating Green we recognize that Architects and Engineers have you unique heating challenges and we are here to help. Contact us today for free consulting on your next project.

Plug in a few variables and get instant suggestions for which heaters will work for your space.


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Intuitive Technical Info


Click the “technical info” tab in the sidebar of our product pages to view cut sheets, specifications and wiring diagrams for the product.


Heating Solutions for Any Space


We offer radiant heating solutions for every type of space and budget. Our heating systems are zone controlled, allowing the end user to control the temperature of each room or zone independently.


Popular Heaters:

We offer a variety of heaters to cater to different types of projects.
For a free consultation please use our heat calculator or contact us.

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One room estimate for a bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, etc.

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This form is based on what we specify for the majority of our customers needs:

  • Geographical area, room type, seasonal weather, expectations, etc. all play a factor in how a heater performs.
  • If you are unsure of your insulation, have single-pane windows, or desire a quicker warm-up time, please choose the next heater size or higher (i.e. 750 watts vs 600 watts).
  • In addition please verify your voltage, i.e. 120 or 240 before you place your order.


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