We would like to thank Glen for this lovely testimonial. We are always thrilled to get feedback on our products and service as we are constantly striving to improve both.

“Ordered 20 infrared panels from Jeff, and was a little worried whether or not they would provide enough heat for our Bikram Yoga Kapolei studio. Jeff was easy to work with, and was always available to answer questions. Our electricians had no problem installing the units, and when they were powered on for the first time, it was an awesome feeling. However, the room would only heat up to around 102, which worried us a bit. It didn’t make much sense, since the math showed we had slightly over-purchased…. After about a week, the room temperature started to rise (we had therms set to 120) more and more, and we had to turn the temp down. About a week later, we fully tested the system, and the room was getting above 115 degrees! The only thing I can think of is that the subfloor and concrete walls were retaining moisture which took the panels a few days to warm up. Now our floors and concrete walls are warm to the touch all the time, and we can keep the heat @ a consistent 105/106 degrees during class. Thanks Jeff!”

Glen Lukasik - Co-Ower at Bikram Yoga Kapolei