Heating Green’s Radiant Infrared Heating Solutions – What’s your project?

Ready to enjoy inexpensive, zone-controlled, on-demand radiant heat in your home or business? You’ll also enjoy that, unlike conventional heating systems such as forced air, almost all of our products require no maintenance, and ordinarily last the life of the building. Silent, no dust and allergens being blown around, just cozy sun-like warmth for pennies per hour. 

homeHome Heating Solutions

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Experience sun-like warmth and lower your heating bills! Panels can be painted to match décor or enhanced with art & photography. Our products are perfect for your family and pets: Fire-safe; no noise, dust and odor free; and non-allergenic and non-drying. View home heating.

Yoga Studio Heating

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The health benefits of using radiant heaters in yoga studios are appreciated by yogis worldwide. The occupants and objects in the room are heated first, rather than the air, which uses less energy and helps promote a healthier environment. Check out our Yoga Studio Information.

Office & Retail Heating

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Increase productivity and job satisfaction by warming whole rooms or individual workspaces with low-cost, energy-efficient warmth. Enhance your retail space with no limits on floor space.


Outdoor & Patio Heating

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Dinner on the terrace. Cocktails under the stars. Turn up the ambiance of outdoor areas with low-profile heaters offering superior performance compared to gas, with no harmful emissions or odors. Check out our Outdoor & Patio Heater options. 


Multi-unit Heating

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Attract and retain renters. By using Heating Green products, you can offer 100% useable floor space and premium, low-cost cozy heat.

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Garage & Workshop Heaters

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Protect valuable equipment and collectibles from damp, cold air while increasing productivity and comfort by eliminating cold hands and body! Turn a cold space into an inviting spot to work or watch the big game. Learn more about our Garage Heater Packages.

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 School Heating

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Our products can be used as a primary or supplementary heating  to reduce energy costs while keeping staff and students warm and safe.

Basement Heating

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Transform a cold, unusable basement into a warm and inviting retreat or entertainment center the whole family will enjoy! Bring affordable sun-like warmth to cold areas without using overhead or floor space.



Warehouse Heating

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Perhaps the most difficult of spaces to heat efficiently, due to a lack of insulation, high ceilings, and concrete foundations. Overcome these obstacles with noiseless infrared heat that can be zone-controlled.


Health Care Facilities

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Patients, residents, and staff alike will benefit from the comfortable, clean, and temperate environment provided by our radiant heating products. All of our products deliver non-drying and allergen-free heat.

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