Cove Heaters in the Bare Feet Power Yoga studio – Photo Courtesy of Bare Feet

Yoga studios all over the country are realizing the great benefits of radiant heat. Warm sun-like directed heat for a fraction of the cost of other heating solutions, who wouldn’t want that?  Check out what these two great business have to say about radiant heat:

“I think the students are enjoying the consistent heat, they’ve been sweating more during class which is always a plus for a heated yoga studio. They also look really clean and simple, it doesn’t change the feel of the studio.”

-Robin French, Owner Bare Feet Power YogaChicago,IL


Panel heater warm participants in the Spark studio – Photo Courtesy of Spark Yoga

So I love my infrared heating panels…It’s like the sun’s warmth on you because the heat is from above and people love them because they heat up pretty fast. The owner of Heating Green where I got them is super nice and is very helpful. You just need to give him details of your space, and he will tell you want you need.”

– Pauline Lee-Tan, Owner, Spark Core Power,LLC, Urbandale, IA