Throughout the years, Heating Green has had the privilege of working with hundreds of yoga studios across the U.S. and around the world. And in this edition of the Yoga Studio Spotlight, it is our pleasure to introduce Tim Guill to talk about Boise Hot Yoga located in Boise, Idaho.

Tim Guill

Tim holding a focused Tiptoe Pose (Samatvam Asana)

When did you first start yoga?
I walked into my first class in June, 2011. I was really curious about yoga and had no idea how hot it was or that the class was even 90 mins. Being a former marine, the discipline and intensity of the instruction really connected with me and I found myself coming back day after day.
You used to serve in the Marine Corps; did yoga help you after your service?
I left military service back in 2003, so there is a pretty large gap between that experience and being introduced to yoga. However, practicing yoga has helped me manage anxiety, depression, and introduced me to daily meditation.

Why did you start teaching others?
I’ve always wanted to be an instructor of some sorts and I found that my love for yoga and my fellow yogis to be the driving force in becoming a full time yoga teacher/studio owner.

Boise Hot Yoga

Boise Hot Yoga’s beautiful studio

Would you like your family to practice yoga, or do they already?
I am very fortunate that my whole family practices yoga. After I first began practicing I was able to convince both my mother and father to take it up as well. My 8 year old daughter attends kids classes on both yoga and meditation at her school and at our studio. I even met my wife, Aliyah, while practicing yoga (she is a fantastic instructor and the co-owner of the studio)
Your Youtube documentary “Josh and the 60 Day Yoga Challenge” has over 200,000 views. What does Josh’s story mean to you?

Josh and the 60 Day Challenge was produced by Mitchell +  Palmer, a local advertising agency here in Boise. One of the owners, Billy Mitchell, is a long time practitioner and the husband of the former owner, Jamie Mitchell. Having completed a 60 Day Challenge soon after I began practicing in 2011 I can relate to both Josh’s struggle with it and the great rewards he found in completing it. The aspect of the of the documentary that I connect the most with is the experiences of Alexander Lundquist that can be found mid-way through the documentary. Alex was a personal friend of mine from graduate school.

He did not seem like someone who would be interested in yoga when we first met but one day he asked me what I did outside of grad school for fun, and I told him that I practiced yoga whenever possible. Being such an evangelist for the practice I encouraged him to come. To my surprise he showed up the next day. Watching Alex’s transformation is one of the most beautiful and amazing things I have ever seen and his story still brings tears to my eyes.
What are some simple, daily things you do to be the change you want to see in the world?
Daily meditation, of any kind, has helped every person I know who practices it. Meditation reduces anxiety, lowers stress levels, and enhances people’s connection to their daily lives. If simple meditation instruction were given to children (or anyone) it could help improve the world in a very big way.
My favorite quote:
“Be excellent to each other” Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theadore Logan (Wyld Stallyns)


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