What type of heat offers the best hot yoga session?

Hot Yoga Class with Infrared
Home Yoga Studio PhototOn paper it may seem as though one yoga studio heated to 105 F will offer a similar environment to another hot yoga studio heated to 105 F. However, not all hot yoga studios are the same and the equipment used to attain those high temperatures can make a dramatic difference in the quality of a yoga session. Many yoga studios contain traditional forced-air heating systems, which uses ducting and vents to pump air into a room. While it’s entirely possible to reach high temperatures with this type of system many yoga studio owners and yoga practitioners believe it makes for an inferior environment for yoga. The combination of hot air being pumped through the room combined with the heat and sweat coming off peoples’ bodies often makes for an oppressively hot environment that’s stuffy and difficult to breathe in. This is one of the reasons many people who are interested in hot yoga quickly develop second thoughts after the first time they try it. Studios heated with FAR infrared heating systems, by contrast, are still able to offer an environment that’s just as hot as the forced air counterpart but the infrared environment will be much more comfortable to practice yoga in. How is this possible? Instead of heating air and forcing it through a room infrared heating systems transfer a therapeutic sun-like-warmth directly to people and objects. Unlike forced-air heat which just creates an envelope of warmth around the body, infrared heat actually permeates deep into the body’s tissues and core. This results in a hot yoga environment that is much more comfortable and offers a range of health benefits from detoxification to lower heart rate to boot.
Throughout the years we have spoken with many studio owners and yogis. We have found that most people who have practiced yoga in both a forced-air and infrared environment prefer the infrared by leaps and bounds. Molly Shea, assistant editor at Yahoo Health recently wrote an article outlining her experience with infrared hot yoga and why she prefers it to traditional hot yoga. As a result, many yoga studio owners are opting to use infrared heating systems and are branding themselves as an “infrared hot yoga studio” as opposed to just a “hot yoga studios.” Although the popularity of infrared yoga has exploded in the past couple years we have been offering our expert service and quality products to yoga studios since 2007. We have worked with hundreds of studios over the years and would love to bring the therapeutic, economical and eco-friendly benefits of infrared heat to you and your yogis. Heating Green heats more than 1,000 yoga studios. For more information on how to choose what type of heat that offers the best for hot yoga please check out our Yoga Studio Heating page or contact us and we’ll have an expert reach out to you.
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