The majority of homes in the United States are heating with forced-air heating systems. However, one issue with forced air is it’s incredibly inefficient. Here are five reasons our infrared heating systems are superior to forced air.

  • Zone-Controlled Heat – One of the major advantages to infrared heat is that it can be zone controlled. A thermostat in each room allows you to individually adjust the heaters to your preferred temperature. It allows you to heat only the rooms you are using. By contrast, forced-air heating systems typically consist of a furnace that pumps heated air through an entire space. This forces you to heat your entire home, even rooms that are not in use, to your desired temperature. As a result, you end up paying a premium to heat spaces you are not using.

Zone Controlled 4

  • No Maintenance – Our infrared heaters are solid state, meaning they have no moving parts and require no maintenance. Once the heaters are installed, the work is done and you’ll be able to enjoy sun-like warmth without the hassles. Forced-air heating systems must constantly be cleaned and maintained to function properly, which adds up over time.


  • Direct Heat – Infrared heat, like the sun, heats people and objects directly. Forced air on the other hand relies on heating the air, which then heats the rooms occupants. This is problematic for multiple reasons. For one, two heat transfers need to take place to warm you up. First the air is heated, then as a result you are heated by the air through convection. Second, hot air rises. This means the warmest part of your room is going to be up near the ceiling. With infrared heat there is just one heat transfer. The infrared heater directly radiates heat to your body. Since the air is not directly heated, the issue of having all your heat rise to the top of the room is eliminated.


  • No Pollutants – As previously mentioned, forced-air heating systems work by blowing air through ducts. These ducts often collect dust, debris, allergens and other pollutants that are then picked up by the air and blown through your home. Because infrared heat doesn’t blow air around, it is impossible to spread pollutants. This makes for a healthier environment.


  • Cost – Infrared heating systems can save you and your family money both up front and in the long run. The chart below compares the installation and operating costs of our, Ducoterra SolaRay heating panels to some other heating methods on the market.