Features & Benefits

  • Can work 24 hours a day in the presence of people
  • Practical as it is ready for use with low maintenance
  • Clean, quiet, and highly-efficient UV-C lamps
  • Stainless steel body
  • Disinfecting unit made from pure quartz which allows for a higher output of disinfecting UV-C rays
  • Protected against dust and water with a unique honeycomb covering
  • Pure bright aluminum reflector to allow for UV-C rays to be consistently spread throughout the room
  • All used material are tested to resist intense UV-C radiation


Set it and forget it

The UV-FLOW is a controlled single directional flow device with a powerful UV lamp inside that outputs the optimal UV-C wavelengths for the disinfection of air. The movement of air through the unit makes for a strong germicidal effect against all micro-organisms (molds, bacteria and viruses). Inside the unit, there is also a parabolic, mirror bright aluminum surface, which generates UV rays parallel beams by reflection. These beams pass through a black honeycomb laminated grid that directs UV rays to form a single directional flow of air (“blade UV”). When installed according to the instructions, this device can be used in the presence of people for intensive and continuous air disinfection making it ideal for yoga studios, gyms, productions facilities and any business that deals with high traffic, the general public, or people who are immunocompromised.