Features & Benefits

  • Clean, quiet, powerful UV-C lamps with microbe-killing core
  • Can be used in the presence of people
  • Can be run continuously
  • Ozone-free and highly efficient
  • Disinfecting unit made from pure quartz which allows for a higher output of disinfecting UV rays
  • External body made from powdered-coated epoxy and aluminum
  • Titanium dioxide filter which enhances the cleaning power of UV-C to remove organic and inorganic pollutants
  • All materials are tested to resist intense UV-C radiation

A Breath of Fresh Air… Inside.

The UV-Fan from brings deep air cleansing and disinfection to any room. Leveraging both UV-C bulbs and titanium dioxide filtration, the UV-Fan is able to destroy both organic and inorganic pollutants which contaminate the air. Traditional cleaning methods utilize chemicals and offer only a partial solution, as they do not clean the air, nor do they clean continuously. The UV-Fan provides a continual source of fresh, clean air throughout the day and night.

Due to its unique design, it amplifies the UV-C rays within the unit with an aluminum reflector, but does not allow any UV-C light to escape (direct UV-C light is damaging to skin and eyes). This allows the unit to run in the presence of people, and can be run 24/7 if desired. The UV-Fan is a must have for any business which deals with high traffic, the general public, or with people who are immunocompromised. Applications range from use in hospitals, nursing facilities, restaurants, schools, gyms, yoga studios, and other businesses who are looking to provide an additional level of protection for their patrons and employees.