Features & Benefits

  • Clean, quiet, and highly-efficient UV Lamps
  • Stainless Steel body
  • All materials are tested to resist intense UV-C irradiation
  • Reflector is extremely pure mirror bright aluminum
  • Optional protective stainless steel grid
  • Powered with electronic ballasts specific for UV-C rays lamps


A Confident Clean

The UV-Direct brings deep air cleansing and disinfection to any room. The UV-Direct is a simpler solution that utilizes the power of a UV-C lamp to destroy viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. This powerful lamp is installed similarly to a light fixture that is switched on during work breaks, and when staff is not present to clean surfaces. The UV-Direct is a must have for any business which deals with high traffic, the general public, or with people who are immunocompromised. Applications range from hospitalsnursing facilitiesrestaurants, schools, gyms, yoga studios, and other businesses who are looking to provide an additional level of protection for their patrons and employees.