Features & Benefits

  • Clean, quiet, and highly-efficient UV-C Lamps
  • Disinfecting unit made from pure quartz which allows for a higher output of disinfecting UV rays
  • All materials are tested to resist intense UV-C rays
  • Box is made from aluminum and coated with an epoxy powder with UV resistant poly carbonate door
  • Internal chamber in extremely pure mirror bright aluminum which allows for a higher output of disinfecting UV rays
  • Safety switch to turn off the UV light when the door is opened



Disinfect the items you use daily

The UV-Box offers a solution to clean medical tools, kitchen utensils, and even the items you use daily like your keys, wallet or phone. Often times, disinfecting with heat or cleaning supplies may not be enough to maintain a high level of cleanliness. The UV-Box disinfects items in a quick, safe, and thorough manner with two UV-C lamps that radiate UV-C Rays inside the box to provide a consistent clean without missing any spots. With the UV-C Box, you can be confident that your items will be free of microbes that could make you and your family sick. The UV-Box is a must have for commercial kitchens, beauty salons, nursing facilities, doctors’ offices, and even your house.