Programmable Thermostat with Optional Sensor


  • Programmable 120/208/240 line volt
  • 4 wires double pole, current 15 amps
  • 4 Programs a day and 7 days a week
  • Back lit display
  • Low profile
  • *Maximum set point is 104F in floor mode, 86F ambient mode
  • Maximum rating @ 240v is 3600 watts
  • Maximum rating @ 120v is 1800 watts
  • Maximum rating @ 208v is 3120 watts
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Benefits of using the sensor in conjunction with the thermostat:

  • Reach a maximum set point of 104F when in floor mode.
  • Keep thermostat control away from visitors or other users by installing the thermostat in an alternative room or closet, etc.
  • Includes a 15′ sensor wire.
  • 3 year warranty


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