Go-Anywhere Heater [Out of Stock]

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  • Excellent choice for retail or office space with a t-bar ceiling
  • Max surface temperature: 215° F  (2’x4′ 750w)
  • White finish is standard and can be painted
  • C UL US (Approved for the US and Canada)
  • Far infrared spectrum (FIR) heater
  • Surface-mount & flush-mount frames available

How much heat do I need?

  • Supplemental: 3 – 5 watts/sq.ft.
  • Primary: 6 – 8 watts/sq.ft.
  • Yoga Studio: 15 – 30 watts/sq.ft.

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Features & Benefits:

1: Our yoga thermostat allows you to obtain the high temperatures hot yoga studios desire.
2: Panels mount right into the ceiling and give sun-like warmth to the people and objects below.

Studio Overhead
In this example, a 760 square foot yoga studio is heated by 15 750 watt Marley Go-Anywhere heating panels. The panels fit directly into a t-bar ceiling grid, commonly used in commercial spaces. They will warm up and heat the people and objects in the studio below to a temperature of 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Panel Frame – Optional

Go-Anywhere Panel Specifications

NOTE: Specifications at 240-volt, also available at 120, 240, 208, 277, or 347 volts

Size Watts Amps BTUs
2’x2′ 250 1.0 853
2’x2′ 310 1.3 1058
2’x2′ 375 1.6 1280
2’x4′ 500 2.1 1280
2’x4′ 625 2.6 2133
2’x4′ 750 3.1 2133

Note on insulation:

It’s important to note that any heating system will perform best when used in a properly insulated space. To learn more about how to insulate and calculate how much you could save by upgrading your insulation click the button below.

2 reviews for Go-Anywhere Heater [Out of Stock]

  1. Lana Sternick

    I got the go-anywhere panels for the lighting production space I work in. These are a perfect solution to our heating issues in the winter, and they have a very discreet look. They are an energy-efficient choice for heating a small area within a warehouse-like space, and as our company grows we might order some more! I could definitely see myself using these in my own home in the future as well.

  2. Bill O’Connor

    I recently moved my Infrared Hot Yoga studio to another location. The ‘go anywhere’ FIR panels went with us. They were extremely easy to unhook and move. A new electrician had no problem rewiring. We have had such a success with the Far Infrared heating panels I add more for even better saturation and quicker heat. I can’t recommend Heating Green Go Anywhere FIR panels enough. I’ve received many calls from other studios country wide and have attested to the success of the panels as an efficient heating source. I’ll be happy to speak with you if I’m not too busy teaching

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