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As unbelievable as it may seem spring is finally here. I’ve been waiting all winter to share these tips for you guys! Really, I had this all written out in December and have been waiting ever since. So please enjoy this much anticipated post made especially to help you tackle the spring season with confidence!

spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Maybe not our favorite task every year, but a necessary one. Here are some tips to make it a little bit easier.

Make a date with yourself
You have work, family, friends; with all of these responsibilities, it’s easy to let that dust build up until summer. Make a date and keep to it!

Make a list
Write down the goals you want to accomplish as well as the sub-tasks to achieving them. And cross off what you finish! Seeing that list getting smaller will help you see that you’re making progress.

Make a playlist
Who said you couldn’t have a little fun? Sure, dancing with the broom may take up a little more time, but you deserve to enjoy this – no one else is going to do it.

Declutter anytime
Organizing or throwing stuff away is its own task. Keep your sanity and plan a different time for this (preferably before.)


Pollen and mold

Pollen & mold, oh my!

Keep the pollen out
As tempting as the spring breeze may be, it’s best to keep doors and windows closed to cut back on allergies.Vacuum your carpet often! Even better if you have a HEPA filter.

Change your clothes
Pollen is sticky and will stay on you for as long as you let it, so get out of those close as soon as you get home.

Shower before you go to bed
preventing pollen in your hair to transfer to your pillow.

Clean your dehumidifier
If you use a dehumidifier, be sure to empty the water often and keep the unit clean to prevent mildew.

Nasal irrigation
Enough said!



Make your Seed Graph (make template)
Type/Variety/Quantity/When to Plant/When to Harvest/Light/Spacing, Notes

Blanket your garden bed
Cover your bed with (at least) a ½” layer of good compost. The compost will provide the soil with a fresh infusion of nutrient-rich organic matter, and improve the soil’s ability to handle water and nourish your crops.
Cultivate your soil
Your soil will compact over time, so loosening it before planting is an important step! Remove rocks, roots, and clumps of dirt.

Apply fertilizer that matches the needs of what you plan to plant.

  1. Light feeders with shallow roots, such as lettuce, will be fine with a small amount of organic fertilizer raked into the top few inches of soil.
  2. But for widely spaced plants that have big nutrient appetites, such as cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes and peppers, you should enrich individual planting holes with a mixture of compost and organic fertilizer just before you set out seedlings.
  3. For very heavy feeders, such as sweet corn, use a hoe to make deep trenches in the beds, and place the fertilizer in the trenches so it will be directly below the germinating seeds.”

Mother Earth News


lawn care

Stop crabgrass from germinating
Apply pre-emergent crabgrass control in early spring! Note: The timing is very important – you want to do this before the soil reaches 55As we all know, crabgrass is a bugger once gets settled.
Give your lawn a head start with quality fertilizer. Help it build strength to withstand the coming heat of the summer.
Core aeration
Allow water and air to reach your grassroots more quickly and help them to develop.Note, again, that it’s important to core aerate before the soil temperature reaches 55

LawnCare by Walter, Inc


spiritual spring cleaning

“To say yes means to allow a thought or circumstance to flower, to let go and expand. The trees say yes to every season. When spring comes, they say yes and they flower. Then summer comes and they say yes and become dry and thirsty. When fall comes, they say yes,  change color and are ready to drop their leaves. To say yes means to surrender – to every thought, feeling and emotion. It means to let go, and letting go is a journey toward the heart.”
– Dr. Vasant Lad

Stop asking for permission
We don’t mean you should ask for forgiveness. We mean that you don’t need to ask to do the things that will make you happy. You deserve to be happy. So, go for it!

Pace yourself
Your dreams and responsibilities are big, as are the pressures that accompany them. Don’t compare yourself to others and take the time you need. As the old adage goes: big things have small beginnings.

Saying “no” is okay
Setting boundaries is healthy for you and your relationships. Sometimes taking care of yourself is what you really need.

Take time to do the things you love
Whether it’s yoga, going out with friends, or making a date with a book – it’s vital to recharge with the things that make you who you are.

Ask yourself these 4 questions
When you’re feeling hopelessly  frustrated remember H.A.L.T.
Am I:

  1. Hungry?
  2. Angry?
  3. Lonely?
  4. Tired?

After tending to these needs, see how you feel about the situation with your refreshed state.


Infrared heaters

Nothing! Your heaters are ready for the spring 🙂

Happy spring from Heating Green!

Happy spring from Heating Green!

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