Go-Anywhere Yoga Heater

Prices ranging from $225.00$455.00

  • Great for commercial spaces (yoga studios) with T-bar or suspended ceilings
  • Can be painted with acrylic paint
  • Most popular panel for yoga studios
  • White finish is standard and can be painted

How much heat do I need?



Yoga Studios with the Go-Anywhere Heater


Due to its wide variety of voltages and its ability to mount to a t-bar ceiling, the Marley Go-Anywhere Panel is our most popular choice among yoga studio owners.
Marley Go-Anywhere edit 1

NOTE: Specifications at 240-volt, also available at 120, 240, 208, 277, or 347 volts


  • Price Range: $215-$325 (USD) Per Heater
  • Mounting Options: Can be mounted to a t-bar ceiling, suspended with wire or chain, or surface or flush mounted with a frame
  • Color Options: Birch White, can be painted with water-based interior paint. Additional colors available upon request


Go-Anywhere panel

thermostats / relay / transformer / sensor
Ecobee Smart Thermostat Pro

  • Ideal for yoga studios
  • Smart phone accessible
  • Scheduling – 32 options
  • Up to 48 programs


Yoga Thermostat


  • Programmable, allows you to heat the studio only when you need to
  • A favorite among yoga studio owners
  • Maximum 120F set point
  • Additional sensor available to keep thermostat out of sight


Yoga Relay


    • Works with our Yoga Thermostat
    • You will need one relay for every 20 amp circuit you use for our heating products


Yoga Transformer


  • Works with our yoga thermostat
  • You will need one transformer for every thermostat you use to control our heaters




    • Works with our yoga thermostat

You’ll need 15 to 30 watts per square foot for most applications.

I got the go-anywhere panels for the lighting production space I work in. These are a perfect solution to our heating issues in the winter, and they have a very discreet look. They are an energy-efficient choice for heating a small area within a warehouse-like space, and as our company grows we might order some more! I could definitely see myself using these in my own home in the future as well.

Lana Sternick