Best Practices and Tips for Hot Yoga Studios

Firelight Yoga

Firelight Yoga, equipped with Heating Green’s infrared radiant heating.

Heating Green LLC appreciates your interest in our products and services. Our goal is to ensure that we provide you the best heating experience for your business and your yogis.

As each studio space is unique in location, building type, building envelope, and specific heating needs, the specifications of our products can vary widely. While we would like to be on site and visit each of our customers’ studios, it is not an easy option for most, as we would need to have dedicated staff available to fly to visit our customers nationally and abroad.

So, in addition to requesting a heating quote, we do suggest that you consider consulting with the following professional(s) to help further assist you in determining the condition of your yoga studio space.

 Mechanical Engineer

It may be a great opportunity to consult a professional in this area to come in and assess the current heating system, the envelope of the building, and the overall performance of the space.

 HVAC Contractor

Consulting with an HVAC contractor may also bring you peace of mind and give you a good understanding of the condition of the current HVAC system and how it may perform with our infrared system. They may suggest that you do a blower door test, which will determine how much air your space leaks, and how you can improve the performance of your room. You can search Google for professionals who perform this service as well.

 Insulation Contractor

They can be helpful to determine your current insulation, and to determine if your insulation needs to be updated for maximum performance, as most buildings are not designed to maintain hot yoga temperatures. Having the right insulation can greatly reduce your energy costs and the time it will take your room to heat up, and cool down. Also, discuss with your insulation contractor how to prevent mold with vapor barriers, especially if you use a humidifier or live in a humid climate. It is especially important to insulate over concrete floors with floor covers such as Zebra Mats, cork or laminate flooring etc.


You’ll want to be sure that your electrical panel is sufficient enough to handle our heating products. Your electrician can also help you determine your voltage, (i.e. 240, 208, etc.), and the cost of installing our heating equipment, etc. When it comes to setting a day aside for installation, we highly recommend scheduling a date once an order arrives or after tracking information is received.