Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 11.11.44 AMWe recently teamed up with our manufacturer Ducoterra to install 10 750 watt SolaRay panels at the Jumping Mouse Children’s Center in Port Townsend, Washington. Jumping Mouse is a non-profit organization that provides mental and physical therapy to children. They have recently expanded and opened up a new space for their physical therapy center. While, searching for a low-cost, efficient way to heat the center, a local contractor recommended our Ducoterra SolaRay infrared radiant heating panels.

This turned out to be an excellent choice for Jumping Mouse. The SolaRay panels will save Jumping Mouse over $400 a year in heating costs and $14,000 over the lifetime of the facility. This is a 35% energy saving compared to standard wall heaters and a 50% saving over baseboard heaters. Additionally, the heaters promote and dust, allergen and bacteria-free environment, making them an ideal solution for children with asthma or allergies.

For the full Jumping Mouse Case Study click here

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