A couple years ago we worked with 3 Schips and a Girl Canine Lodge in Bellingham to bring clean, efficient heat to their doggy hotel. Owner Deborah Burner reported that the heaters were working very well for the space and provided great heat without costing a fortune. We’re happy to announce, our friends at the canine lodge are expanding their doggy hotel and have, once again, decided to use our Infratech heaters.

“Heating Green has supplied me with infrared heating units that are just perfect for my Canine Lodge. They provide spot heating that warms the dogs and staff without costing me a fortune. The thermostats are easy to adjust, and I like the fact that the units can be installed anywhere; they are small but very effective.Jeff at Heating Green has been super easy to deal with and his installations were quick. Great service, great product!”

Deborah Bruner - Owner at Canine Lodge   

Thank you for the continued support, Deborah. We’re happy that you’re able to expand your business!

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