All of us here at Heating Green want to give a shout out to Ben for representing Heating Green while hitting the slopes. Thank you, Ben!

We originally sent Julie and her son Ben a Heating Green T-shirt as a small thank you after Julie purchased a heating panel to keep their mudroom warm.

Ben is a competitive snowboarder, Julie says, and wore it every time he went snowboarding. When we found out he lost it, we made sure he got another.

About Ben:

SamBen is an eighth grader from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He has been snowboarding for over five years and loves the challenge it brings.  “I learn something new nearly every time I’m out there.  My favorite activity is the terrain park.”

Ben snowboards mainly at Afton Alps MN and is a member of the Minnesota competitive snowboarding group called The G-Team.  His favorite location to ski is Colorado — the snow is just better there.

In his spare time, he builds really cool snowy half pipes in his small Minneapolis yard, plays baseball and soccer.