Heating Green announces new infrared radiant heating panel from Ducoterra.

Heating Green, a Bellingham-based company specializing in infrared radiant heaters, announced the release of a new generation of radiant heating panels last week. The panels, known as the Sola-Ray II, mount flat against the ceiling surface and radiate heat downward, warming people and objects below, Heating Green owner Jeff Caldwell said.
The heaters have a soothing physiological effect because the infrared heat they produce feels similar to sunlight, Caldwell said. The heaters are also more efficient than most traditional heating systems and unlike forced-air heating systems, the Sola Ray II requires no ducting, making it easy and economical to install room by room. The panels are also silent and do not produce any smell, pollutants or blow allergens, Caldwell said.
The Sola-Ray II features all-aluminum construction, making it half the weight of the previous generation Sola-Ray panel. This makes the panels more environmentally friendly and less expensive to ship and easier to install, Caldwell said. The new panel also features a more streamlined design and can be painted to match any interior, he said. With a thickness of only ½ inch it’s the thinnest panel on the market that mounts flat against the ceiling.
“The panels will blend in great with any surroundings because they don’t emit any noise or take up useable space. If it wasn’t for the heat they put out, you probably wouldn’t even notice they’re there,” Caldwell said.
Heating Green has completed a number of projects using the previous generation Sola-Ray panels and has received great feedback on them, Caldwell said. The Lummi Indian Reservation used the Sola-Ray in 16 new homes last year. The homeowners and architects were impressed with the performance and efficiency of the panels.
Heating green is currently working with a local architect who has requested these panels for several residential and multi-unit apartment dwellings for 2014.

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  1. Hello Christine,

    Thank you for your comments. First let’s compare apples to apples, or electric baseboards vs. electric radiant heating panels. In short, both are 100% efficient, however the heating panels will warm the room sooner as they are designed to heat up the mass and the objects in the room, whereas the baseboard is only heating up the air. You have been told that heat rises, but in truth, warm air rises as it is a gas and expands in the presence of cold air.

    In order to compare them to an oil heater or ducted furnace, we first have to know how many rooms are being heating by these heaters and how much it is costing. More importantly, are you comfortable when the are on, or does the room cool quickly after they shut off? One of the benefits of our panels is that they heat each room individually so each room can have it’s own temperature. What I can tell you is what each room will cost to operate per hour if we know two things: 1.what your cost per kilowatt hour is, and 2. what size heater are we going to be installing in each room.

    If you can provide me with this information, then I can best help you Christine. 🙂

    The heat from the panel simply radiates down to the floor and any mass in the room, and as there are special materials inside the panel, there is very little heat coming out the back side of the panel.

  2. How does the cost in terms of Kw hours per degree F. per cubic foot compare with say an oil heater, baseboard heater or ducted furnace. How does the heat move downwards to heat the floor and the people thereon rather than going up through the ceiling?

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