Throughout the years, we have had a wonderful working relationship with the Bellingham Re-Store. We have sold and donated them a variety of heaters and have received wonderful feedback from Kurt Gisclair and his awesome staff.

Bellingham Re-Store Cove Heaters Heating GreenMost recently, we supplied them with four of our 1,500 watt cove heaters in their wood shop. We are happy to report they’ve told us the heaters are warming up their space nicely and making for great working conditions, particularly in the chilly months.

Huge shout out to the Bellingham Re-Store and thanks for their continued support. We couldn’t ask for better people in our community!

“Since installing the panels at the Re Store, we have been happy with the quality of the heat provided. Compared to baseboard heaters, our offices heat up much quicker and the panels distribute the heat more evenly. We have been pleasantly surprised at how low we have been able to keep our thermostats at, and how warm our offices have been, even during our recent cold snap.”

The Re Store