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Give your customers the best float experience

Add silent, sun-like warmth to your float center




With zero moving parts our heaters are completely quiet, and no blowing air means no distractions while your customers float.

Room-by-room control

Room-by-Room Control

Each room has its own controls, so heat can be monitored and adjusted as needed.



Warm air holds humidity; and with Heating Green heaters’ ability to warm people and objects, not the air, the humidity does not change. Unlike conventional heaters that draw moisture out of the air as a part of their heating process, infrared heaters don’t produce dry heat.

Prevents condensation

Prevents Condensation

Because infrared heats all the objects in your float room, including the tile and float pod, there is little opportunity for condensation to form.


Sun-like warmth

Sun-like warmth

Infrared warms the people and objects in a room, not the air. So instead of blowing warm air on their wet body, your customer feels the cozy warmth of infrared.



What Our Customers Had to Say

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We bought heating panels for our Massage and Float Studio and are thrilled with the results. Most of our office is heated/cooled with an HVAC system, but we were looking for a way to heat our Float rooms separately. Clients shower before and after they Float in our Isopods so we needed the ability to keep the rooms at 83 degrees with no air movement for their comfort. Our heating panels are perfect, they feel like comfortable sunny rays and the tile on the walls holds the heat in so clients feel warmth from all around them. Jeff and Adam at Heating Green answered all of our questions and fit us with the perfect product for our needs, followed up with us through out the installation process, and came to check in on us after we were up and running. Highly recommend to any Float Studios looking for cozy heat!

Tim Fuller, Still Life Massage and Float   
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Bodymind Float Center in Syacuse and Rochester, NY relies on Heating Green panels to keep the open float pools at a steady 95 degrees F., critical for a proper sensory deprivation experience.

David Brickman, Bodymind Float Center   


Infrared Heating Options for Float:

Heating Panel


  • Great for centers with high, vaulted ceilings
  • Mounts directly to wall or ceiling

Heating Panel


  • Great for centers with drywall or wood ceilings
  • Mounts flat against ceiling or can be suspended

Heating Panel


  • Seamlessly mounts into suspended, t-bar ceilings
  • Can be suspended with wire or chain

Ceramic Ceiling Heater

ceramicircuit square

  • Great option for applications with T-bar ceilings

Thermostat Options:

Programmable Thermostat Option Two



The best heater for your center will ultimately depend on your space and budget.

For a quote click “Get A FREE QUOTE” above, or for any additional questions, you can reach us at sales@heatinggreen.com or 360-715-4328.