Media room designed by Jennifer Ryan Design. Photo taken before panel install.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.30.53 PM

Media Room with the Ducoterra Sola Ray panels installed on the ceiling.

Part of what sets Heating Green apart from the competition is unparalleled service and commitment to do things right the first time. It is not uncommon to not only consult with our customers, but with electricians, designers and architects every step of the way to ensure things are installed correctly. We find that fostering this relationship is the best way to provide the heat they need with the aesthetics they desire.


Recently, we worked with Jennifer Ryan Design to outfit the meida room of this home with Ducoterra SolaRay heating panels. We determined which panels would provide the ideal balance of warmth and efficiency. Jennifer integrated them into her creative vision for the space, ensuring the panels matched the design characteristics she established for the room. The result is a perfect blend of style and function.