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blue insulationYou can’t see the insulation in walls and floors post construction, but the impact on a building’s energy efficiency is huge. It’s why we have a page dedicated to it here on the Heating Green website.


There we mention insulation batts can be made out of cotton, which includes denim insulation. Today you can find cotton, or denim insulation made up of 85 percent post-consumer materials with an R-value of R-3.4 per inch, according to U.S. Department of Energy.


That’s 85 percent of what used to be mom’s jeans,  once-trendy denim skirts and other denim fashion items. Instead of taking up space in a  landfill, it can keep the heat in during the winter and the heat out in the summer. Compare that to fiberglass that provides similar R-values, but uses a much smaller amount of recycled material (20 to 30 percent recycled glass).


In fact, in Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green Denim Recycling campaign, they’ve recorded over 600 tons of recycled denim collected to date.


Another plus is that it’s non-toxic, eliminating skin and respiratory safety hazards.


So the next time you have to make a decision about insulation, don’t forget about denim insulation and talk to your insulation contractor to find what’s best for your building.