Customer Testimonials on Our Heating Products

Yoga Studio Testimonials

“The panels from Heating Green have worked out great for our Buddhist mediation center. They are silent and an even heat is delivered. The panels are unobtrusive on the ceiling and most people don’t even notice them, they are simply entering a comfortable room.”

Nomon Tim Burnett   

“Hi Jeff , Our new location is opening tomorrow and the heaters feel so good! I love them!”

Shannon Moran - Owner at Indigo Wellness Hot Yoga   

"The biggest thing that I have noticed about this heat is that it locks itself into the room. My other space we had to rush in and out of the room to keep the warmth in. With these heaters we can leave the door open and it is almost walled off into the room."

Laura Koltiska - Owner at Downtown Yoga   

“I love the way the heat feels – very comfortable and nothing blowing in my face and I haven’t noticed a big hit to the energy bill, which is nice. We are getting a lot of use out of our yoga studio. I take classes on my own 3-4 times a week and I have an instructor coming in once a week to teach a semi-private lesson to me and four friends.”

Janene Asgeirsson   

“We installed the heating panels from Heating Green in our Yoga studio and were very delighted on how they turned out, The install went very smooth and the heating has been delightful in the cold weather. Jeff Caldwell at Heating Green was very informative on what type of panels we should purchase and helped us throughout the process. We at Soul Art System Yoga recommend Heating Green for your heating alternative.”

Chris Iacobazzi - Owner at Soul Art System   

“Our studio just opened last June in Texas. It has been hot enough all summer that we really did not have to use the heat – just kept it cooled down to 90 or 95. When the weather finally started cooling off, it was delicious to finally turn on our panels and feel the radiant heat warming us up like a warm bath! I had the experience of being in a class just after I got our panels working, I attended a class with central heat. Warm air blowing on us as we practiced. The experience was completely different! I even felt tired and even nauseated by the sensation…I could not wait to get back to our gently warming, silent, radiant heat!”

Stacy Shepherd - The Yoga Factory   

“We love the heat and are getting great reviews.”

Wendy Randall - Owner at Hot Body Yoga   

“Huge improvement in heat!!!! Thanks so much! I’m glad I finally did this!”

Adrienne Hengels - Owner at Power of Your Om Yoga Studio   

"We LOVE our heating panels…they ROCK! Heating Green provides an excellent high-quality product and responsive customer service. The panels have added so much value to our studio…plus they look very cool! Thank you!"

Teresa Gaway – Owner at Salt Yoga   

“We are hot and in business to deliver the best yoga wellness in town!”

Glenda Shepard - Owner at Studio Hot Yoga & Wellness   

“I think the students are enjoying the consistent heat, they’ve been sweating more during class which is always a plus for a heated yoga studio. They also look really clean and simple, it doesn’t change the feel of the studio.”

Robin French - Owner at Bare Feet Power Yoga   

“Hi Jeff. We just tested the panels, heat relays, and thermostat. Everything works! Whew!! Thanks for seeing this through. It is greatly appreciated.”

Angela Ryden - Owner at Power Yoga Sigtuna   

“We recently purchased the infrared panels for our yoga center. With these in our space, it is like practicing in the womb. As they heat the body from the inside and are quiet and soothing unlike the forced air system we have tried” Our students have wanted us to heat every class as they love practicing in the space so much more, and our heated classes are always full. which we love!” Dani Vani McGuire

Dani Vani McGuire - Owner at Prana Yoga School of Yoga and Health   

“Ordered 20 infrared panels from Jeff, and was a little worried whether or not they would provide enough heat for our Bikram Yoga Kapolei studio. Jeff was easy to work with, and was always available to answer questions. Our electricians had no problem installing the units, and when they were powered on for the first time, it was an awesome feeling. However, the room would only heat up to around 102, which worried us a bit. It didn’t make much sense, since the math showed we had slightly over-purchased…. After about a week, the room temperature started to rise (we had therms set to 120) more and more, and we had to turn the temp down. About a week later, we fully tested the system, and the room was getting above 115 degrees! The only thing I can think of is that the subfloor and concrete walls were retaining moisture which took the panels a few days to warm up. Now our floors and concrete walls are warm to the touch all the time, and we can keep the heat @ a consistent 105/106 degrees during class. Thanks Jeff!”

Glen Lukasik - Co-Ower at Bikram Yoga Kapolei   

“The heaters work awesome and everyone loves them.”

Amanda Cepeda - Owner at AC Power Yoga   

"Our students love the way they harsh air blowing on them, drying them out. Just warm, comfortable heat letting them move, sweat & breathe."

Sharon - Owner at Yoga on Chocolate   

"We use the infrared heaters to heat our hot yoga studio to 105+ degrees. We have found them to be more energy efficient than we imagined and their heat is evenly distributed throughout the room."

Robert - Owner at Zen Life Yoga Queen Creek   

"They produce nice uniform heat, clients like the look and feel of the infrared radiation. Jeff was very helpful and did an excellent job with getting us what we needed. Thank you!"

Taggart - Owner at Rejuv Medical   

So glad I went with the radiant heat, my previous location had forced air and we had to maintain the system constantly. The studio floors got really messy with all the humidity we needed to add to compensate for the dry heat being blown in the room. Students don't have to walk all over everyone else's sweat puddles after class. The even heat feels great, and doesn't "hit you in the face" when you walk in the studio. The room is silent as well, no noisy air ducts to compete with. My power bills were surpassingly not as high as I thought they would be either 🙂

Maddy Strauss   

When I first flipped the switch we all stood around and looked at each other…???...
Then we started to feel it, lightly at first, then gradually more fully. It wasn’t until I took the first class last night that I ‘got it’. It’s really different. I wrote an email to all the class participants asking for their thoughts and I have only received very positive reviews.
I will spend the weekend getting the hang of how it works in relation to the existing heat and supplied humidity. I’ll let you know.
Thanks for hanging in with me,

Bill - Owner at Hot Yoga Burlington   

Firelight Yoga in Portland has been open for just over 3 months now and we love our heating panels 🙂

Holly Bussmus - Owner at Firelight Yoga   

I can't thank you enough for helping me select the perfect heating system for my home yoga studio. I have been suffering with severe bone & joint pain plus an old neck & back injury from a car accident. The only thing (I refuse to take pain pills) that REALLY helps me is infrared heat and yoga!!! So, thanks to Heating Green, I now have a HOT YOGA STUDIO IN MY HOUSE. And a special thanks to Adam for walking me thru a couple of things with the thermostat. ( I'm 100% blonde when it comes to stuff like that!!!)

Joyce Mallia   

We have been so impressed with the knowledge and level of customer service in dealing with heating green! We called to get heaters for our hot yoga studio and they were so helpful in determining how many heaters and which types would be best for us. We've called back with questions and always get to talk to a real person (And all the "real people" have been "really helpful!"). Thank you for a great experience!!!

Essentials Natural Family Health   

"We are loving them! We've been doing yoga every day and able to get the temp up quickly and efficiently. Installation was easy and quick and they look really nice."

Lori. T   

Our members love the infrared panels! In fact, the other night I was in hot yoga and I could feel this heat on my face as I was lying on my back and I looked up and I just happened to be directly underneath one of the panels. Thank you so much.

Mike - Yoga Pod Reno   

It is my pleasure to make a great review about Heating Green. Their customer service was really good, they dealt with me directly and when an unforeseen issue arose they took care of it immediately without me having to follow up on the issue. They were truly on top of their game. Thank you for providing such great customer service, this is what people look for in good business.

Catherine - R3D Hot Yoga   

When I decided to open a new yoga studio I struggled with what type of heating source to use. After researching extensively I decided on going with radiant heat panels. was able to provide us with the needed heating panels and hardware required for
the studio. They were also more than helpful with questions we had regarding instillation.

Since the studio's grand opening in October of 2016 we have been able to maintain a near perfect 105F room day after day, morning and night. Since October there have been a few heating mishaps, as is common with a hot yoga studio, and each and every time has been there to help us. These issues were not with the heating panels themselves, but rather other electrical issues within the building. I cannot express how happy I am with the staff of during these minor issues.

Tim Guill   

The team at Heating Green was simply wonderful throughout the entire process. They helped us scope exactly the right system for our needs, quickly responded to all of our questions, and did everything possible to make sure things went well with installation and ongoing operation. They're great people to work with. Highly recommended.

Peter Mellen   

This is the first time my little home yoga room has achieved true 'Bikram Temperature Standards". What a difference the heat makes. The electrician who installed the heaters was impressed with the service Heating Green provided per phone consult. The electrician had not installed such a system before, nor did he know about hot yoga. When he contacted Heating Green, there was a very knowledgable and friendly person immediately available to answer his questions, He even took a picture of the unit prior to leaving - "for his resume", he said. Installation went well thanks to Heating Green and a great electrician.
The two cove ceiling radiant heaters are beautiful and achieve targeted temperatures.
A competitor to Heating Green told me the ceiling cove heaters would not work in my situation. Well, we fooled him, didn't we? Thanks Heating Green!

Lynn Sprayberry   

Residential Application Testimonials

“We love our ‘suns’ as we call them. They worked great last winter and since working with the Community Energy Challenge increasing our insulation and reducing the drafts, they’re working even better this winter. We’ll be heating the upstairs, when it gets put in, with radiant panels for sure.”

Trevor Ledain   

“Happy Thanksgiving Jeff! I am giving thanks for the cozy warm house I now have thanks to my new radiant heating panels! This has been a true test. Thanks Jeff!”

Joy Monjure   

“We love our new infrared heat panels – when we’re in our new living room, we just turn on the panel thermostat to 60 and in a few minutes the furniture’s warm, the floor is warm, we’re warm! When we leave the room, we just shut the panels off – simple and energy efficient. We used to have to crank the gas furnace to 70 and even then we had drafts that felt cold. With the infrared panels we’re able to keep the part of the house where we sleep cooler, which saves on the gas bill, and we’re more comfortable in the living room where we spend most of our time.”

Rodd and Janie Pemble   

“Dear Jeff,
Thanks to you and Heating Green with the radiated heated panels, I’m finally warm since I’ve moved to Ferndale 5 years ago. The first year I had no heat because I was in the midst of renovating and all heating was disconnected. The cost of heating by the old furnace or gas fireplace was very expensive since they had to be running all the time. I went to great lengths to winterize and insulate but still was very cold and expensive to use. This year, as my last resort, I decided to try zone heating with Heating Green. Each panel has its own thermostat I can control the heat as I wish – the rooms were warm with a pervasive heat which creates comfort without awareness of the temperature. It was not like my forced air furnace or gas fireplace that gave a blast of hot air. I was so happy with Heating Green that I decided to buy a small panel for my “traveling truck” for the chilly nights. It uses very little amperage on my back-up battery and keeps me warm and comfortable without over-heating and using up the battery.I am an enthusiastic customer of Heating Green. It is the only product that has kept me warm at a reasonable price. You have been especially accommodating with helpful information about my individual heating needs and installation of the product.
Keep up the good work Jeff, Heating Green is the company of the future.”

Sheila Webber   

“I can’t believe how efficiently they heat up that room! Having experienced how well Heating Green’s heating panels could warm a home at an open house, I was sold, but my husband was still skeptical. I talked him into heating our bonus room above the garage with 2 radiant panels and he can’t believe how efficiently they heat up that room! Our electrician, who had never seen the product, was pretty impressed too."

Chris Simpson   

“The under desk heaters have been a great economical way to keep our office warm and cozy year round, even in the cold northeasters of Lynden. Just thought you might want to know that we love our 2 panels. I put one in front/underneath my wife's desk and one under mine. Our room is 13’x13′, the heaters are on an outside wall and during the winter months I keep mine on most of the time and my wife turns hers on and off when needed.

Larry Vanderpol Aflac   

“Very comfortable!”“Very comfortable! Compared to the electric baseboard we were using a year ago, our heating bill is considerably lower. We love the look of the panels after we painted them.”

Dave & Candy Jones   

"(Heating Green) provides outstanding service. I have purchased and installed the Enerjoy Solid State Infra-Red heating for a recent Green Remodeled home. I am very pleased with the easy installation and the performance, which gives a substantial cost savings in the monthly energy bills. Having a thermostat in every room allows the homeowner to set the temperatures for their lifestyle. Jeff makes it easy to understand how the system works and provides outstanding service. My company Sterling Builders LLC has three new home projects planned and all will have the Enerjoy Green Heating system. We have a Green Home Design Center in our office and we have an Enerjoy display to show the public.”

Phil Dyer - President of Sterling Real Estate LLC   

“They are a gentle sun-like source of heat that warms the entire building… I’m so grateful for all your help and guidance. Heating Green rocks!”

Ben Hurtig   

"The 3 heaters are installed in my patio. The patio is now warmer than the rest of my house – unbelievable! This was a great investment – I’ve now added another year-round living space to my home.”


"I just walked out of my nice warm bathroom; and remembered that I have not written to let you know that the panels were installed last Monday. It really does work; I don’t know how, but the bathroom is warm. I have felt the cabinets, floor, walls…nothing feels hot and there is no noise or air being pushed around, but the room is warm. I love it!
Just wanted you to know that we are very happy with the result. Thank you."

M. Corcoran   

“Client LOVES the system. Thanks for your help.”

Steve Moe - Owner at Steve Moe Design and Planning   

“We love sitting on our deck watching the sun set and enjoying our infrared heaters, that you Jeff.”

Tim and Marsha   

“They are awesome! The heat hugs you!”

Tony Fisch and Rio Phior   

"Wonderful company! Very knowledgeable & was able to help/guide us through all our questions! We are repeated customers."

Kathy David   

Our small cabin on a lake is toasty warm thanks to HEATING GREEN's heating panels! My husband was skeptical about these, as was our contractor during our recent remodel, but there was something about these and Jeff Caldwell's professional, yet personal demeanor, that convinced me to give them a try in just the bedroom. We are now putting them in the other rooms, as well, and could not be more pleased. Our contractor was impressed with how light and thin they were, and the twenty year guarantee is a huge plus! Thank you, Jeff, for changing the world ONE HEATER AT A TIME! Efficient, "artsy", economical and GREEN. What's not to love?

Debra Stierwalt   

Attached are some photos of my new shed with your awesome heaters. They really are amazing. I can't believe how quickly they get the shed warm and don't seem to go on very much to keep the temperature steady. It's also nice that they are so quiet. I had an electric forced air heater in my old studio which was our enclosed porch and it was so loud.


My experience with Heating Green has been nothing but outstanding, very professional and helpful from my first inquiry to the consultation at our home, and then installation and follow up.

We choose them for our higher-end home as a green solution that met our heating needs for the upstairs of our home,one that seamlessly blended in with our decor, had options of painting them or not, and met our needs for heating both guest bedrooms, our yoga and exercise room and because it was a cost effective and environmentally healthy heating option.

We LOVE them!! I am enjoying the use of the heaters in our home yoga studio upstairs and have noticed the quality of heat and how it warms our moving bodies and the room, not just the ambient air temp with blowing dust around. We are also looking at them for our art studio which is a separate building. I highly recommend Heating Green and this product line for in-home or studio heat that is green, design friendly and a cost effective solution. We give you a 5 star review! Good work Heating Green!


Installed 6 radiant panels (5) 750 watt and (1) 1000 watt in late October. I also added major attic insulation in my house which is only 12 years old. My heating is electric heat pump with propane gas heat when outside air reaches 30 degrees, which is expensive. All the new additions have cut my propane usage. Plus the house uses the heat pump now down to 28 degrees outside air temp instead of 30 degrees and my house in now very warm at a 68 degree setting. My wife and friends have seen a major difference in the warmth of the house.

Jerry Tuckerman   

Thank you for assisting me with planning and ordering the radiant heating system for our new home in the Idaho mountains. The radiant cove heaters mounted above our windows provide perfect comfort, even with outside temperatures of -17F. We have propane fireplaces as backup in our great room and in our bedroom, but they have only been used for ambiance, and are not needed for comfort. We really appreciate the quiet comfort of the radiant heat, without the noise or drafts associated with forced air. We also have an Infratech heater protecting our well water treatment area in the garage.

The low utility bills from the efficient panels is appreciated, averaging only $5/day for an 1800 sq ft house, even when the outside temperature doesn't get above freezing for weeks at a time.

Thank you also for promptly arranging the replacement of the one malfunctioning unit that we encountered (out of the 18 units installed).

On an adjoining property, we have a 600 sq ft cabin with an inefficient forced air system that costs roughly the same amount as our house, while only maintaining a protective 45F inside. We will be replacing that forced air system with cove heat this coming summer.

Larry Frank   

So far it all seems good. The heat pump does most of the work and the panels only kick in if it gets too cool in the back room. or we want to heat up a bathroom a little extra.
Just like we planned.

Duane Holden   

We are very pleased with this product. It provides heat like the sun. The customer service has been excellent. We got too small of heaters for our place, and they allowed us to return the smaller heaters for larger ones.

David. C   

We love our heating panel. It is in the basement and keeps it nice and warm. It is printed with a picture of a Colorado aspen grove, so it reminds my wife of home. I love the look on people’s faces when they feel the heat and realize where it is coming from.

Steve. C   

Went back and forth researching what heat source would best suit my needs and during the process found Heating Green. It took another ice cold MI winter to get me to pull the trigger and I happy I did. The unit has been running for three months now and personally I think it was worth the effort and investment. I haven't seen a utility bill yet but I don't expect it to be too much different. I've got the programmable thermostat HG sells which has worked out nice. Same as the quality of the heating element, the thermostat they sell is also a really nice quality unit. Thanks to Matt and the rest of the HG team for their support.

Author *Kurt Kearney   

The process from start to finish was very professional and thorough with Heating Green. The pre-sale communication was very prompt and helpful. They were able to answer all my questions and provide me with a formal quote. The products shipped in a reasonable time and arrived in tact. The heaters work great on our deck. We ordered two of them with 1-10 adjustment dial. I would recommend this product and company. Thanks heating green!

Gina Pafundi   

Float Application Testimonials

Author Picture

We bought heating panels for our Massage and Float Studio and are thrilled with the results. Most of our office is heated/cooled with an HVAC system, but we were looking for a way to heat our Float rooms separately. Clients shower before and after they Float in our Isopods so we needed the ability to keep the rooms at 83 degrees with no air movement for their comfort. Our heating panels are perfect, they feel like comfortable sunny rays and the tile on the walls holds the heat in so clients feel warmth from all around them. Jeff and Adam at Heating Green answered all of our questions and fit us with the perfect product for our needs, followed up with us through out the installation process, and came to check in on us after we were up and running. Highly recommend to any Float Studios looking for cozy heat!

Tim Fuller, Still Life Massage and Float   
Author Picture

Bodymind Float Center in Syacuse and Rochester, NY relies on Heating Green panels to keep the open float pools at a steady 95 degrees F., critical for a proper sensory deprivation experience.

David Brickman, Bodymind Float Center   

Commercial Application Testimonials

“The under-the-desk heaters provide the perfect heat – there’s no noise, no smell, we’re only heating what needs to be heated, and best of all, it’s like sitting next to a stove. Our building is old, uninsulated, and the heating system really doesn’t help down in our offices, with the low wattage, it allows all the office staff to have heaters, without flipping breakers.”

Kathy Fraser – Whatcom Hills Waldorf School   

“When the time came for us to purchase, I called Jeff and he responded promptly and professionally. He had the panels that we needed in stock. Today we finished the install, which was fairly simple. And we are basking in a nice thoroughly warm heat. I am impressed and recommend this product. We had been heating our office with plug in heaters, it took hours to warm up the office. Now within about 5 to 10 minutes we are warm. I am impressed with the performance. We have yet to see a heating bill, but expect it will be less. We had a bid to heat our office with a forced air propane furnace…the bid at that time was $5,000. We spent substantially less with the radiant heat, and we were able to handle the install ourselves. In addition we will not need to do any maintenance, which would have been necessary with a forced air system.
We are warm and happy campers at Lutherwood!”

Bob Merrill – Camp Lutherwood   

“Our office was originally equipped with Cadet electric heaters that were not sufficiently heating our space.
We contacted Heating Green, through a referral from a neighbor who was very satisfied with the panels in her office. The installation of the panels only took a few hours, important in a busy design office, and we were immediately pleased with our decision. The quality of the heat is wonderful. The panels gently heat all the horizontal surfaces so our drafting tables and computer workstations are warm to the touch. The absence of a fan in the design of the system has equated to noticeably increased air quality, and safety from the possible fire danger of Cadet heaters. We also noticed a savings of 30-40% on our electric bill since installing the panels. We run them Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM with the thermostat set a tropical 70 degrees.”

Molly Maguire – The Philbin Group Landscape Architecture   

“The heat is fast, comfortable. The panels are working great! The heat is fast, comfortable and after installing them, economical.”

Derek M. Long – Program and Development Director – Sustainable Connections   

“Since installing the panels at the Re Store, we have been happy with the quality of the heat provided. Compared to baseboard heaters, our offices heat up much quicker and the panels distribute the heat more evenly. We have been pleasantly surprised at how low we have been able to keep our thermostats at, and how warm our offices have been, even during our recent cold snap.”

The Re Store   

“Heating Green has supplied me with infrared heating units that are just perfect for my Canine Lodge. They provide spot heating that warms the dogs and staff without costing me a fortune. The thermostats are easy to adjust, and I like the fact that the units can be installed anywhere; they are small but very effective.Jeff at Heating Green has been super easy to deal with and his installations were quick. Great service, great product!”

Deborah Bruner - Owner at Canine Lodge   

I couldn't be happier with the heaters. I was really happy when I found that I can run my big power tools, my dust collector, 32 lighting tubes, and both heaters on HIGH without blowing my 30 amp sub panel. I was expecting to have to power down the heater to use some of the equipment - not the case.

I was pleased to find that the controllers are pulse activated so they save electricity when turned down.


Charles Baarsch   

⭐️ Google Reviews ⭐️

Love their quality product. We are so fortunate to have the panels at our wellness center and yoga studio here in Iceland. Couldn't ask for better service, they are very responsive and take care of any request very quickly. What an excellent company with wonderful people.

thumb Om setrið
December 30, 2019

Excellent customer service! We drove from Vancouver, Canada to purchase heating panels from Jeff. The entire process from beginning to end was seamless. We were only able to come down on a Sunday and Jeff very kindly met us at his shop to facilitate the pick up. Needless to say we were impressed and very thankful. I would highly recommend Heating Green-not only are they knowledgeable but the service is above and beyond!

thumb Maria Z.O
October 31, 2019

I love their heating panels!! I have my own hot yoga studio and its a little bit of heaven. I researched panels and companies for a long time. Hands down they were the best. Easy to call and talk to as well. Would use them again!

thumb Lorie Atkins
September 21, 2019

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